Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today We Feature... Bri Clark!

Today we are pleased to feature Bri Clark, author of "The Familial Witch."  And her background? This girl has done a little bit of everything... Read on to learn more about Bri and her book, "The Familial Witch" which can be purchased directly from our website at Astraea Press
Bri Clark is a real example of redemption and renewal.  Growing penniless in the South, Bri learned street smarts while caring for her brother in a broken home.  She watched her mother work several jobs to care for their small family.  Once her brother could fend for himself, Bri moved on to a series of bad choices including leaving school and living on her own.   Rebelliousness was a strong understatement to describe those formative years.  As a teenager, her wakeup call came from a fight with brass knuckles and a judge that gave her a choice of shaping up or spending time in jail.  She took that opportunity and found a way to moved up from the streets.  She ended up co-owning an extremely successful construction business.  She lived the high life until the real estate crash when she lost everything.  She moved west and found herself living with her husband and 4 kids in a 900 spare foot apartment.  She now fills her time, writing, blogging, leading a group of frugal shoppers and sharing her southern culture.  Her unique background gives her writing a raw sensibility.  She understands what it takes to overcome life’s obstacles.   She often tells friends, “I can do poor.  I’m good at poor. It’s prosperity that I’m not used to.” Bri and her husband Chris live in Boise.  Bri is known as the Belle of Boise for her true southern accent, bold demeanor and hospitable nature. 

Tell us how your book came into existence. Familial Witch came about through a character building exercise for the novel The Awakening. They are two characters in it that were presumably background but whose story evolved into a prequel.

Tell us about your writing routine. I think and plot in the beginning. I always start with character building activities. I really work with my protagonist at first. Once you have your character details down then the rest just falls into place.

What inspires you? I am inspired by music, movie, other books, people, family and life in general.

How do you get through writer's block? I would not know I have never had writer's block.

Do you have any themes you write around? I write around love for the most part. For me it always starts out with a character.

What are you working on next? My next project is cleaning up and releasing my first novel with Astraea entitled Glazier.

Tell us one thing about you that your readers would never suspect. All the characters that are inspired by my husband or are like him I end up killing off. I joke that I subconsciously don't want to share him with anyone.

What do you love most about Astraea? That's gonna have to be Stephanie. She has been awesome to work with and I just love that she is a belle like me. I also love that Astraea is the real deal. It's not a one person show outsourcing other things. While that is ok too. I really enjoy working with each woman and knowing that she covers that area. It's professional and comforting.

Check out the trailer for The Familial Witch:


  1. Congrats BRI!!! And let me just say, I love reading your personal journey. I think there are a lot of us who have one. And it's great to see the triumph.

    Your book sounds wonderful (and I LOVE the cover). Congrats again on the release and best of luck!

  2. Congratulations on your book! I love that your husband inspires that characters that end up dead. That's hilarious. My husband always reminds me that he's worth more to me alive.

  3. @ Rebekah...yes honey I am a reality star in hiding. I told Alice I put off some kind of pheromone for drama. That's probably why I've never had writers block.

    @ Joselyn...Oh my hubba hubster is my opposite he likes to not be in attention. But does remind me that he is very valuable. And he is.

  4. Congrats, Bri on your release :) Thanks for sharing such a personal and inspiring story!

    I wish you all the best!

  5. Congratulations on your release!

  6. love the drama hormone! best,therese

  7. Kiki, Nell and Therese thanks for all the support gals.