Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Releases: "Heart", "Impeccable" and "Shifting Gears"

Wounds Of The Heart by E. A. West
Meet Danny, Alex, Josh, and Lacey from Battlefield of the Heart and see how the close friendships begin.

Danny Flynn is struggling to find a reason to live as the Afghanistan and Iraq wars continue to rage in his mind. Alex Dugan served with Danny in Iraq and is determined to help his former sergeant overcome his severe PTSD. When the Whitcomb University student veterans’ group gets together for an early spring picnic, Alex sees the perfect opportunity to get Danny out of the house and living again. But will Danny participate, or will his problems interfere?
Mr. Impeccable by Jill Urbach
When Anna Gissler runs away from her Peace Corps commitment, the only place this failure of a college grad can go is home to her small island town where the majority of the other twenty-something’s are directionless barflies. So she’s shocked to find the boy most likely to succeed, Dalton Brown — the same one she used to loathe — living back at home too. Only, he’s not so worthy of loathing now. In fact, he’s downright hot.

Dalton’s middle school crush on Anna is long gone. And he's determined not to fall under her spell again. So when he decides to spearhead a campaign to build a community center, he flatly refuses Anna’s offer of help. It's hard enough to avoid her in their small town. Working together would be too...tempting.

But with experience fundraising for large nonprofit organizations, Anna knows she’s perfect for the job. And she knows it’s her one chance to prove to him she’s not the shallow girl he now thinks she is. How can she help Dalton achieve his dream without him knowing? Because if he achieves his, she might just achieve her own dreams as well.
Shifting Gears by Sarah Kohnle
A cross-country bicycle trip is the last thing on Meg Albertson’s mind as she struggles to get through the first Christmas after her husband’s death. But Robert, her husband, attempts to control her even from the grave. On DVD, he dictates a plan to liberate his ashes and reunite Meg and her estranged son Josh. If they do accept the extraordinary challenge, can Meg and Josh survive a summer of togetherness without killing each other?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

New releases! "Flee", "Dawning", and Scrooge gets a girl!

Starting over is hard. Mateo Reyna knows this will be true when he decides to leave his wealthy and privileged existence in Mexico and begin a new life in the States. His only priorities are distancing himself and his mother from their illegal connections while he finishes high school. Until…… he meets Blake. Her haunting eyes and vulnerable soul quickly capture his heart. When their pasts intersect in a dangerous and unexpected way, Mateo finds himself in a race to save her life. Will he be fast enough?

Still reeling from the unexplained murder of her parents, Blake Alden is just trying to get through each day. And then a handsome new student from Mexico shows up and gives her reasons to breathe. Love is healing, until it’s threatened. With her parents’ murderers after her, Blake knows Mateo will risk anything to keep her safe. Will she let him?
Shieldwolf Dawning by Selena Nemorin
For 13-year-old Samarra, life behind the sheltering walls of the planet Gaia is stifling. But when she convinces her brother, Cassian, to run away to another world, everything they know is turned upside-down. Forced to join the Shieldwolves, an order of shamans, brother and sister find themselves in the middle of an escalating war between two magic factions.
The Courtship of Ebenezer Scrooge
Ebenezer Scrooge changed for the better after three Christmas ghosts impacted his life and heart. His miserly ways vanished as he gained happiness and his family ties with nephew Fred have improved. There’s something missing, however, and when Ebenezer meets Widow Abigail Collins, he realizes what he lacks. He sets out to court Abigail, object marriage and learns the many ways love can further improve his disposition and life!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love and Diamonds Scavenger Hunt-- Feb. 12-14th

Love and Diamonds is a brand new anthology of Valentine short stories created by veteran Astraea Press authors. To celebrate the release, we've created a scavenger hunt just for you, our readers!

Who? Fifteen authors accepted the Astraea Press challenge to write a short story around the theme of diamonds. Now, these same fifteen authors are bringing you some Valentine fun with a Scavenger Hunt!

What can you win? Free books! Follow the directions below to win one of these six book bundles:

When? The keyword scavenger hunt runs from February 12 through February 14. Winners will be chosen after midnight ET and announced at the AP Facebook page on the 15th.

How can you win these books? Click on the banner below to find the links to the blogs of all fifteen participating authors. At each blog, there will be a featured key word. Once you know the word, enter it in the secure form provided at the blog (you'll have to click on something to get to it, and then close the tab to get back to the blog). For each key word you enter, you'll have one chance toward winning one of the great book bundles pictured above.

Anything else? Some authors are offering other prizes – but you'll have to read their blogs to find out what they're giving away and what you need to do to win!

Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is the Link to the blogs: Good luck!!!

AP Anthology Blog hop for February 12-14.
1. Heather Gray  6. Jennifer Rae Gravely  11. Kelly Martin  
2. Sherry Gloag  7. Zanna Mackenzie  12. Kristine Cheney  
3. J. L. Salter  8. E.A. West  13. Nicole Zoltack  
4. Kathy Bosman  9. Amy Mullen  14. Liz Botts  
5. Brenda Maxfield  10. Patricia Kiyono  15. Vivian Roycroft  

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Releases: "Loch Ness", "Silver", "Choice", and the AP Anthology "Love and Diamonds"

Enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card in the 'Romance is in the Air blog hop giveaway'. Click here...

Lots of new books for you guys this week. Let's get started!

Love And Diamonds
Love and Diamonds is a collection of romantic short stories written by some of the best Astraea Press authors. So sit back, relax and fall in love all over again.

Contributing authors in alphabetical order are: Kathy Bosman, Liz Botts, Kristine Cheney, Sherry Gloag, Jennifer Gravely, Heather Gray, Patricia Kiyono, Zanna MacKenzie, Kelly Martin, Brenda Maxfield, Amy Mullen, Vivian Roycraft, J. L. Salter, E. A. West and Nicole Zoltack.

Love On Loch Ness by Aubrie Dionne
Dr. Gail Phillips steps onto the shores of Loch Ness to disprove the Loch Ness monster theory for good so everyone can stop wasting their time. As a marine biologist with a background in archeology, she’s convinced all of the world’s myths such as Big Foot, the Tasmanian devil, and even Nessie are lies. Her father disappeared while following Yettie tracks in the Alps, and she doesn’t want to lose another mislead soul.

Flynn Maloney comes from a family of fanatic cryptozoologist. As a native of Scotland, he believes in Nessie as strong as Gail believes in science. Despite his initial attraction for her, he’s joined her research team to prove her wrong. He wants to find Nessie for a special girl in his life, to show her dreams really can come true.

As they conduct sonar studies and sweeps of the lake, their differing opinions are at odds with their budding attraction. Gail doesn’t believe in anything unscientific, such as romance, thinking the charming Flynn Maloney is full of baloney. Flynn can’t believe he’s falling for someone with no imagination or faith. To make matters worse, their videographer is covering his true identity. Together they must unravel his plan before he destroys everything they are working for. Will Gail force Flynn to question his faith, or will she discover more than she bargained for in the Scottish highlands?
Silver Lined by Stephanie Taylor
Ella is a realtor by day and alone by night. Ever since breaking up with Linc, her world has been less than stellar, complete with frozen meals and a needy cat. But after two years, Ella is contacted by Linc, who is interested in purchasing an uninhabited island some three hours from their coastal town. Apparently he only trusts her. How lucky is she?

Millionaire Lincoln Ellis is engaged and looking to expand his real estate efforts. Only one realtor will do, his ex-girlfriend and the love of his life, Ella. Much to his chagrin, Ella isn’t the kind, compassionate woman she used to be. She’s angry and hostile and refuses to let him in emotionally. And he’s pretty sure he knows why. Their relationship didn’t end on a good note.

When a violent storm renders his boat useless, he and Ella have to find a common ground to survive on the island. It’s not easy with his ex holding a grudge the size of Texas and all those old feelings determined to resurface every time he gets close to her…
One Choice by Ginger Solomon

Cahri Michaels is American by birth, but Belikarian by choice. Being selected to participate in the Bridal March forces her to give up the independent life she’s created for herself. She’s not ready to be anyone’s wife, much less to a man she doesn’t know.

Prince Josiah Vallis despises the century’s old tradition—the Bridal March—that is forcing him to choose a wife from fifty women. Why does it matter that he’s twenty-five and still single?

When Cahri and Josiah meet, passion ignites. Will it spark a godly love that can see them through or will they be burned…. never to be the same?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Romance is in the Air Giveaway-- Feb. 8-14th

Hi :) We are so excited to be part of 'I am a reader, not a writer's blog hop-- Romance is in the air. Exactly right for a romance publisher like us. We are giving away a $25 Amazon gift card and will be spotlighting our AP YA books. We have a lot, so if you love YA, you'll love Astraea Press books!

All of the authors featured on the rafflecopter write YA books. We have lots more out there too. Wendy Knight's Feudlings was in the Amazon top 100 of all 2013 YA books! NOT an easy feat! We have award winners, bestsellers, and audience favorites. Hope you check them out.


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