Written by Joselyn Vaughn

When I saw the topic of a typical writing day, my first thought was I wish I had one. Get up in the morning, go for a run, shower, eat breakfast, then settle down at the computer for a good hour or so pounding out a couple thousand words.

My days go nothing like that. Most days I crawl out of bed much earlier than I prefer because a little being has approached the side of the bed and announced, “I’m wet.” No sooner have my feet hit the floor than I discover that “I’m wet” actually means “My bed and all my bedding is wet as well as the pjs and diaper that I already divested myself of and tossed haphazardly about the room.” Good morning to you, too.

Once I’ve showered and they’ve dressed and I’ve returned the entire contents of my daughter’s dresser to her drawers, we have breakfast. This mostly consists of the youngest asking for things, not eating them, begging for something else and throwing a tantrum because she doesn’t get it.

We spend much of the rest of the morning convincing my oldest daughter to use the bathroom while the other two announce that they have to go every fifteen minutes. (I’ve considered moving my laptop into the bathroom since I spend much of my day there.)

We have lunch which is much the like breakfast with a couple “I don’t like that”s  thrown in.

After lunch, they rest, and by rest, I wish I meant sit quietly and watch and a non-annoying movie for an hour. It actually means they shout back at Dora and Diego and bounce on the couch while the theme songs get stuck in my head. Occasionally, I am able to do a little writing then, but it is difficult to do anything requiring much concentration because of the aforementioned earworms.

If the weather is nice, we head out to the back yard or driveway to play on the swing set or sand box or ride bikes. This is actually a better opportunity to write as long as there aren’t sand fights or disputes over the scooters (We have three. There are three scooters. This shouldn’t be that difficult) or the little one doesn’t trip and bite the pavement.

Then comes supper, picking up toys, bedtime, a run and finally some quiet time to write, but most nights I’m ready to veg with my current TV addictions of Burn Notice and House. But some nights, I’m able to get a couple hundred words, instead of opening the file and checking my email every five minutes (I don’t get that many messages, so I don’t know why I do this.).

So that’s my typical ‘writing’ day. I’m told some day it will get easier.

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