Tuesday, May 17, 2011


While we have no new releases this week it is with joy we bring you discounts. Four of our novels are discounted at http://www.astraeapress.com. They are Into the Ether, Heartsight, Spartan Heart One and The Legend of the Ocenia Dragon.  Details of each wonderful novel is below and after you've been thoroughly enticed click the title and it will take you right to the buying page.


Legend of the Ocenia Dragon

Spartan Heart One 

Into the Ether

As a Touch-Know, Genevieve has never been required to steal more than a few paltry coins. But when a powerful stranger requires their help, her family of street-wise thieves sends her to get the most important thing they've ever decided to liberate. It was supposed to be a simple overnight job. Instead, Genevieve is required to appear attached to her mark, the curator of the British Museum. For Genevieve it becomes more than an act, and her problems are far more significant than the possibility of her lies being discovered.
When her family betrays her, she must make an important choice – turn to the man who has destroyed everything she holds dear, or strike out on her own.

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