Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Moonlight on the Palms by Lisa Greer Now Available!

Hi, Lisa Greer here! My gothic romance novel, Moonlight on the Palms, is out now. If you like Southern settings, a sultry and twisted but sweet romance, and a mystery, I think you'll enjoy it. The novel is set in Brownsville, Texas, where I currently make my home. I've included a short excerpt below where the heroine, Astrid Kent, meets her ex-lover, Juan Marquez, again after eleven years.

Astrid's   brain   felt   like   a   lump.   Nothing   made   sense.   She  
leaned  against  the  marble  topped  island  for  support.  
“I   was   married   to   your   mother.   I'm   her   widower   now.”   He  
said  these  words  as  if  speaking  to  a  stupid  child.  “You  look  like  you  
need  to  sit  down,  Astrid.  Come  with  me.”    
Juan   came   to   her   side,   putting   his   hand   on   her   back   and  
steering  her  back  down  the  hall  to  the  dim  sitting  room.  The  touch  
of  his  arms  around  her  brought  even  more  pain  as  did  the  sound  of  
her  name  on  his  lips.  How  she  had  longed  to  hear  it  again,  and  now  
she   realized   it   had   all   been   a   fantasy.   He   had   belonged   to   her  
mother  during  all  those  years  she  had  dreamed  of  him.  Juan  placed  
her   on   a   white   brocade   couch   that   had   been   there   since   Astrid's  
teen  years.  His  hand  lingered  a  beat  too  long  on  her  shoulder.  
“What  are  you  talking  about?  How  could  you  have  married  
my   mother?   You   can’t   be   serious.”   She   kept   thinking   she   would  
wake  up  from  what  must  be  a  nightmare.  
Astrid  looked  at  him  closely  for  the  first  time,  tears  standing  
in   her   eyes   despite   her   attempts   to   will   them   away.   His   face   was  
burned  into  her  heart.  She  would  have  known  it  anywhere,  and  she  
had  dreamed  about  it  over  and  over  in  the  past  eleven  years.    
His  long- lashed,  ink  black  eyes  were  backlit  by  the  last  rays  
of  light  coming  through  the  huge  window  in  the  sitting  room.  His  
hair,   straight   and   cut   short,   glowed   blue- black   in   the   lamp's   rays.  
His   skin   gleamed,   flawless   and   the   color   of   mocha,   but   she   could  
see  lines  around  his  eyes  that  had  not  been  there  before.  He  would  
be   thirty- two   now,   but   he   looked   older   than   that   somehow.  
Unaltered  fine  features,  the  classic  Roman  nose  and  sensual  mouth  
made  her  breath  catch  in  physical  pain.  

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