Friday, August 26, 2011

Author Marketing, Cross Promotion and Sharing

There is an overwhelming amount of info on marketing for authors. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Blog Tours....etc etc. These suggestions are supposed to add to your platform and therefore create notoriety and book sales.

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That's the concept. However, there is no scientific study to prove this is true. Nevertheless, there is no study saying it's not true either. In fact most authors will say it's very successful.

With that in mind we will share another tool that combines promoting your novels while simultaneously building your author platform.

Websites like Sweet Saturday Sample give authors the opportunity to sign up at a central location, post a sample of a wip or novel on their own blog. As each participant signs up and then shares on their platforms and media it brings their followers to the website and therefore entices them to check out the other samples. This creates the opportunity for new followers and readers.

What marketing techniques have worked for you? Would you be interested in participating in Sweet Saturday Samples?


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  2. This definitely sounds like something I would like to try! I am new to the world of book blogging and would definitely love to connect to other readers and writers, so sign me up, please!

    Check out my blog:

    Currently hosting a tour for an author now- Terri Giuliano Long, with her new and powerfully touching book, In Leah's Wake.

    And please vote for me to help me win! (You can also win a Kindle!) details on my site, thank you!