Friday, October 7, 2011

The Hidden Door


High schooler Daphne doesn't have any plans for Halloween night until her friend Riva calls, begging her to join their group of friends on a hunt for an answer to a local legend. Daphne hesitates when she learns that her ex-best friend Justin will be there. He is the boy who broke her heart. Still the pull of her lifelong obsession with the mystery on the local university's campus makes her agree to go for the evening.

 Justin has been obsessed with the legend of the Hidden Door his entire life.  The legend involves a headless gargoyle, a curse, and a promise of eternal luck for those who break the curse. To break the curse one must find the gargoyle's head. No one knows where the head has been hidden, but that hasn't stopped Justin from searching most of his life.

 To complicate matters someone has been terrorizing the town and the campus community, masquerading as a vampire. While on their search Daphne and Justin must confront their feelings for one another, and try to keep one another safe as they try to solve the mystery and break the curse.

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