Friday, April 27, 2012

Behind the Scenes - Cue Me In by Nell Dixon

Written by Nell Dixon

Cue Me In is set in a haunted Welsh border castle. I've visited many of these castles as I'm part Welsh and have spent a lot of time in Wales. Wales is a tiny principality, part of the UK and it's borders - known as the Welsh Marches - have been fought over many times. There are lots of ruins to explore. One of my favourite castles and a fabulous place to visit is Carew castle in Pembroke. This was one the home of the legendary Princess Ness, a formidable Welsh princess with an interesting love life. Now in ruins, the castle is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of a monkey.

Cue Me In was inspired by the beauty of Carew and the feeling of sadness that hangs over the place. The dog in the story and the mysterious howling is drawn from other Welsh legends and is coupled with the Celtic green magic tradition and reputation for healing.

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Fae Heath wants to be on TV, but not just any show. She wants to be on Ghost UK. She intends to win the contest to find the next presenter. Tall, slim and blonde and access to a haunted Welsh Castle on Halloween – how can she fail?


  1. Nell, LOVE the cover. I LOVED Wales when I visited a couple of years ago. I didn't make it to this castle though (darn it). I'm hoping to get back to the UK and Ireland. There is so much history and folklore and ruins over there.

  2. Wales is an amazing place.My father's family are Welsh originally, from the Marches area and the Black Mountains and I spent a lot of my childhood in Wales visiting.

  3. Love that you have a dog in the story

  4. Nell, agree that Carew Castle is fabulously atmospheric :0) I also love Goodrich Castle, once owned by the famous knight Sir William Marshal and afterwards his sons. Will be checking out Cue Me In!

  5. Hi Lindsay, I often put animals in my books. I have a lovely dog in my upcoming November release for Astraea - The Cinderella Substitute and my award winning book, Animal Instincts is set in an animal sanctuary.

  6. Carew sends shivers through my skin when I go there. Goodrich is amazing and in Devon I love Berry Pomeroy, another atmospheric place.