Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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Captain Kelly Bonham, a NATO electronics intelligence officer and combat zone veteran, agreed to adopt a war dog, but when Pojo arrives he’s not at all what she expected. This German Shepherd isn’t interested in rolling over for a tummy rub; he’s a working dog, a retired bomb sniffer who saw his handler cut in half by an anti-personnel mine in Afghanistan. That’s serious trauma, and Bonnie wonders if his canine brain is still fully functional.

Now she’s shaking it down with a dog who has more teeth than the law allows. A dog whose behavior is puzzling, threatening, maybe even unhinged. And battered by the war herself, all she has to bring to the fight is electronic gadgetry and what’s left of her self-confidence.

Will the war ever be over, even on the home front? Can she rescue this war dog … or will he rescue her?

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