Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Three Truth's and a Lie with Kay Springsteen

A Michigan native, author and editor Kay Springsteen now resides in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Most of her hobbies are artistic in nature, from writing to photography, to dabbling in chalk pastels to gardening and landscaping. She's a believer in making herself at home wherever she finds herself. When she lived on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, she took daily walks along various beaches. Now that she's living in the mountains, she tries to get out to hike at least every couple of weekends, weather permitting. Two of her four children live nearby with their respective families. A third child resides in Michigan. And one daughter is currently living with her United States Marine husband, where he is stationed in Okinawa. All of Kay's children have inherited her artistic interests, though in different forms. As long as she can remember, Kay has enjoyed spinning tales for the enjoyment of others.

Truth or Lie? 

One luckey person who leaves a comment can have their choice in e-copy of one of Kay's AP titles :)

*Bought my first 35-mm camera when I was age 14 using money saved from babysitting, and now when I go on vacation or attend special events, I routinely carry 4-5 digital cameras because I haven't found one yet that's as versatile as I require for my photography habit.

*Worked with local wildlife officials to document the return of osprey to southeastern lower Michigan wildlife refuges.

*Once when hiking in the northern woods, came upon evidence of black bears gone fishing and told the kids it was nothing, just extra large seagulls that dropped the 18-inch whitefish in the middle of the woods.

*Once taught English to Vietnamese "Boat People" in their home, and declined an invitation to dinner when I noticed the neighbor's dog was missing.

Katherine "Kate" Tate/Kay Springsteen
Freelance Photographer
Author and Sr. Editor, Astraea Press


  1. Okay, these are tough, but I believe I have it:
    # 1 (about cameras) contains the fib.
    I believe the first portion, but am not convinced that you walk around with 5 cameras clunking on your neck or in your bag.

  2. I don't know which one is the lie. I'm thinking number 1. I do find number 4 extremely disturbing.

  3. Hmmm....this is a tough one! I'm going with number 4! I don't believe the dog was missing! :)

  4. I'll go with the missing dog, because you don't mention you carry all the cameras around at the same time.

  5. I think the last one is a lie even though I know they do eat dog.

  6. I'm going with my gut and picking #4

  7. Those are all 'wow'worthy and I think it hilarious that three are true. I'm going with #1 as the lie- no idea why.

  8. I give up ... I've read all 4 of them ten times now .... and it's getting more and more confusing. I'm hoping the dog one is a lie, but #2 seems so straight forward compared to all the others ....

  9. Yes, I do carry 4-5 different cameras when I go out with the intent of photographing (only one that's ALWAYS with me when I'm not heading out to special occasions or to hit the trail). So that wasn't the lie. I DID lie to my kids about the fish - and they probably have yet to forgive me. I taught English to Vietnamese refugees, and because the neighbor's dog was always so vocal, I noticed it was no longer there the day I arrived to give them a lesson. They probably had some government assistance meat cooking but I wasn't about to take any chances. So no lie there. If you chose #2, you found out my lie. While I DID take many pictures of the osprey in various nature preserves, I was not working with the DNR. :-) This was fun!

  10. Rats ... so I don't win the Hershey bar?

  11. WHAT? Doesn't everyone in Michigan work with the DNR?? ;-D Here I thought you'd NEVER lie to your kids!

  12. Well, I knew number 1 wasn't the lie, because you've told me many times about all your cameras. I just wasn't sure about the other three! LOL