Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Release: Legend of the Great Dragon - J.F. Jenkins

The exciting end to the much-loved Dragons Saga!

Mikko always knew she was born for greatness. She had been prophesied about when the holy book was first written by the First Great Dragons in existence. Born of the female dragon with Inero blood, in the city by the sea, Mikko fit the bill of the Great Dragon to a T. But it was a destiny she didn't know anything about.
It is a chance meeting of fate where she meets Ichitaca. While her destiny still confuses her, she knows one thing: he's a part of it. In Ichy's arms, everything feels right, perfect even. All of that chang-es when the nightmares begin. A dark man is waiting for her, challenging her, and she knows that if she doesn't face him the fate of the world will be on her shoulders.

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