Saturday, June 1, 2013

Grace Awards: Crossing the Deep - Kelly Martin

The Grace Awards are pleased to announce the first place winner in the Young Adult Fiction category, to Kelly Martin, for Crossing the Deep. From the alluring cover design to the last page, Ms. Martin has constructed an engaging, age-appropriate story which will keep the readers captivated throughout the book. Rachel Harker joins a church youth group retreat with her close friend and other teens. During a hike in the Smoky Mountains, she makes a brief diversion from the trail, which unfortunately for Rachel, results in some devastating consequences. What began as a breezy hiking activity turns into a struggle for survival. Rachel and her friends find themselves stranded in a cold, rainy environment and must prepare themselves for the possibility of animal attacks, exposure and eventually, despair. Their faith, endurance and friendship are tested to the maximum as they desperately search for the “right path”. The characters in Crossing the Deep were realistically portrayed and much is learned along the way about certain events which influenced their lives. Faith in God is a point of contention for the characters along with an abundant share of twists and surprises. Despite the challenges facing the characters, the readers will find themselves cheering the teens on to victory. Crossing the Deep is a well-written tale which readers of all ages will enjoy and appreciate. Congratulations to Kelly Martin for creating such a marvelous, character-driven story!

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We here at Astraea Press want to congratulate Kelly on winning the Young Adult Fiction Grace Award!


  1. Thank you so much!!! :) And thanks to AP for believing in this story. <3

  2. I'm a huge fan of Kelly Martin. I've purchased all her books and can't wait for more. I wish there were print books so I could ask her to sign them!