Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Release: From Tragedy Comes Love - Lynn Spangler

The heartache of loss weighed heavy on Blythe Kenner. Blythe’s mother had been her best friend, her confidant, her mentor. Now, she is alone. Or is she?

In steps ex-boyfriend Garrett Richmond. Blythe dumped him with little explanation. His feelings for her were so complete that they made her feel unworthy. She was unsure if she’d ever be able to love someone so intently.

From the tragedy of death, Garrett feels the need to help, comfort, and shelter the woman who still held his heart captive. He knows she needs space after the loss of her mother but he won’t stay away for long.

Will Garrett’s daily check-ins rekindle feelings for him she thought had long since passed or will his strength and kindness ignite the spark threatening to light the fire again?

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