Saturday, February 1, 2014

This week's releases: "Beginnings" and "Babymaid"

It’s been six years since Sophie and Mia inherited a house from Clara Bellinger. 
Life is good for the now teenaged Mia, even if she does have to deal with a dragon lady for a teacher. But then a man named Darren Schuster shows up in Hobart. Mia knows something is up when Sophie and Mark cut their weekend away short and rush home in the middle of the night. When Sophie won’t answer Mia’s questions, emotions run high, and Zach, the neighbour from across the road, confirms Darren’s identity to Mia. Disappointed, angry and feeling alone, Mia runs away. 
Zach had been watching Mia for his friends while they took a much needed weekend away. When the late Clara Bellinger’s ex-husband, Darren, showed up, bringing Sophie and Mark home from their trip, Mia is filled with questions. But it’s Zach who gives Mia the answers she’s seeking. When she runs off, he must find her. He enlists the help of her teacher, Miss Peterson, and finds out that the ‘dragon’, is really more of a kitten. How will they find Mia and can they help her come to terms with the truth? 
Lexi’s life is finally falling into place. She has just received a much-deserved promotion to manage a public relations campaign for a new Miami hotel complete with a handsome hotel manager. Just when she thinks she will have the big news during happy hour, her best friend Savannah drops a baby-powder covered bomb. She’s pregnant. BOOM! Before Lexi has a chance to recover from the shell-shock, Kate, the third musketeer in their trio, admits that she too is expecting. KA-BAM! 

Lexi soon realizes her whole life is undergoing a baby proof makeover when Kate moves into her condo to flee a failing marriage. As the pits of real pregnancy start to multiply —food aversions, medical tests and more, Lexi starts to wonder if she actually knows anything about real pregnancy. 

Between the hotel launch and her leading role as babymaid, Lexi can hardly keep baby bottles and champagne bottles straight and starts to question if she can handle the pressure. Can Lexi survive the pregnancies, pull off the hotel launch of the year and snag her own someday-baby-daddy? She knew how to be a bridesmaid, can she learn to be a…babymaid? 

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