Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Traditions with Our Authors

Happy Easter from all of us at Astraea Press. We wanted to share with you some of our fondest Easter memories and traditions. Please share yours in the comments.


     Since she was a little girl, Nicole Zoltack loves getting dressed in a colorful dress as soon as she wakes up on Easter morning.

On Easter afternoon, Maria Green likes to search for eggs with her cousins... Still!

Ashley Stambaugh loves to see how excited both of her boys get when they find the Easter eggs that are hidden around the back yard!

With a family big on getting together, Moira Keith looks forward to Easter morning brunch with her family and neighbors.

Every Easter J F Jenkins has an egg hunting competition with her family. Her brother always wins.

Liz Botts loves to watch her kids play with their cousins on Easter afternoon.

When Mya O'Malley was a little girl, she would wake up to an Easter egg hunt . Her Easter basket would be filled with stuffed animals , jellybeans and a chocolate bunny. Her grandmother would always make a coconut cake in the shape of a lamb:) Happy Easter!

Christi Corbett loves to watch her twins hunt for eggs in the yard on Easter morning. After the eggs have all been accounted for so the dog doesn't find any unexpected treats, her family attends church.

Shea McIntosh Ford hunted Easter eggs when she was well past the age of the Easter bunny, because her uncle had such a great time hiding them in camouflaged places. She and her sister had fun times staring in the places he said they were, but not quite seeing them.

J.L. Salter: I remember as a kid sitting around the kitchen table dyeing hardboiled eggs. There was a strong smell of vinegar in the room --- it was used to dissolve the dye tablets. The process involved boiling water, as I recall, so we weren't allowed to splash any. The table was covered with newspaper pages. I'd always watch my older brother, who would patiently 'cure' his eggs and achieve the most beautiful deep solid colors. My own patience was limited, so I wanted instant gratification... consequently, most of my dye jobs were thin and streaky.

Stephanie Michels remembers when her first grandchildren were small and the "Easter Bunny" came for a surprise in person visit with them! One 3-year old was so excited, he jumped over the arm of the couch to give the bunny a hug.

MicheleBarrow-Belisle still enjoys dying and decorating Easter eggs with her son, to share with family during Easter dinner. :D

On Easter, Brenda Maxfield delights in going to church with the whole family and then playing Easter Bunny for her three amazing grandkids!

Kelly Martin enjoys watching her kids play with their Easter Bunny presents, go to the Early Service at church and spend time with her family.

J. Andersen loved hiding eggs for the Easter egg hunt, and watching her kids hike through the creek to find them. Then she and her family decorate eggs with the extended family, On Sunday, they attend the sunrise service at 6 am, followed by church and a huge family dinner.

Kathy Bosman:  I love the tradition we have for Easter but I think my kids may be close to growing out of it. I usually write up clues and hide them for a treasure hunt and they look all over our garden and in our house for clues or chocolate eggs.
*~*~What is your favorite Easter Tradition? Leave us a comment~*~*

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