Monday, December 6, 2010

Do I hear Kool and the Gang playing?

We at Astraea Press are celebrating today!  As of last Friday we are an officiallly licensed LLC, we signed our first author to a book deal and we have the beautiful cover of the book ready for release!  Wanna see it?  Looky here:

Its "Purdy" don't 'cha think?  Hee hee!

Besides all the above excitement, we are also pleased to announce that tomorrow we are having a Pitch Contest!  Yes, December 7th (also known as Pearl Harbor Day, my friend Isaac's birthday, and for our space friends, the last Apollo moon mission launched with Apollo 17 on this date).  (My mind = useless trivia).  But for all your writers out there, send us your pitches and perhaps YOU, yes YOU will be the next writer signed by Astraea Press!

You may be wondering what a pitch contest is all about.  I asked Stephanie for her take on it since it was her fabulous idea and here's what she said:

Take a book you’ve just written...  You want to sell it to someone.  You’ve got two paragraphs to convince them that YOUR BOOK is the book they want and will be a hit.  You have one paragraph to give us your writing credentials, and two paragraphs to pitch your book...Think about the back of a book. The blurb on the back needs to be something that the person who picks it up wants to buy...Same concept with a pitch.  They have to sell us their book.  Make us want to buy it and believe it’s going to be great.

I hope this will whet your appetite to give us some great pitches!  We want our next display of cover art to be yours!

Until then...Happy Writing!



  1. The cover is FABULOUS! And I have to say thus far, it has been a pleasure working with the gals at Astraea! Very prompt and kind! Looking forward to February!

  2. Thanks Rebekah!

    For the rest of you, come over to our Facebook page, or Stephanie Taylor's page and send us your pitch! The guidelines are going to be posted under "notes". See you there!

  3. Lovely cover! Best of luck with your pitch session.

  4. I'm not an author, just a reader and hopefully someday I will be able to do reviews. I love this cover. I have to admit, that unless I am really familiar with an author, it is the COVER ART that gets my attention first. I am looking forward to seeing all the author's and their works as you add them. I know things will go well for you in this New Year. Happy New Year!!