Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Your apology is NOT accepted.

Now close your dropped jaw and unruffled your feathers. *grin* This isn't a post meant to rile nerves.  Sorry if anyone is now disappointed.

I always laugh when I receive an email from an author and the first line is - "Please don't hate me, but..."  First, let me clarify, I won't ever hate you for not falling in love at first sight with my work.  Nothing is ever perfect right out door.  In fact, I expect you to help me make it perfect.  After all, whether it be a header or cover art, my work is representing something very important, either you or your story.  Both deserve the very best.

Then comes the next line -  "I'm so sorry, I don't mean to be a pain." Let me promise, you're not being one.  Ever.  Make a list, shoot, make three if I don't get it right the second time!  We'll keep working until you're grinning ear to ear.  After the eightieth time, okay, I might start to get a little testy, but you'll never know it! *wink*

Followed with a closing line of - "You're going to want to kill me now, aren't you?"  Um no, 'murderess' is not on my resume.  I know, how boring, right?!  Sigh… I'm just going to remain plain ol' Elaina, the non-murdering cover artist.  So sorry!  I will not be thinking villainous thoughts because you want changes made.  Don't ever be afraid to tell me what needs to be fixed.  If you're sitting on the other side of the screen, too worried that you'll offend me because you hate the hero I chose, or the color scheme and you decide to settle, well that'll upset me more than you telling me what to change.  You'll go complain to your friends and family and be less than thrilled about what you should be excited about.  Not okay. 

So please, let me assure you all again.  I will not hate you, you are never going to be a pain and I will not decide to kill you if you ask me to change anything or even start all over.  Sometime's something is perfect and others it's so far off the mark only starting from scratch can make it right.  And that's acceptable and completely doable.  Just treat me fairly and we'll work together just fine, without all the drama you seem to anticipate. ;-)



  1. And I can definitely say she's telling the truth!! I loved Elaina's initial header she sent me but thought a tweak or two would be exactly what I had in mind. She never once got frustrated with me and I'm already thinking of what to tell her I want for my next project!! Not only is she an amazing artist...but so very easy to work with!!

  2. I agree, Elaina is fantastic to work with. She designed the header on my YA author site and I love it. Every time I'm on my site now I feel inspired to go write. And several visitors have gotten in touch with me to tell me how beautiful they think it is. So visitors love it, I love it...it's a win/win!

    Great post!