Friday, September 9, 2011

Rave Reviews for Lucky For Her

The Romance Reviewers had this to say about Lucky for Her.

"Die hard romantics, listen up! Stephanie Taylor has your number and lucky for you her latest, LUCKY FOR HER, is her ace in the hole! Lana and Lucky's story takes a past that was all kinds of wrong and turns it into a future that is all kinds of right.

Lucky O'Donnell and Lana Roche grew up in the same small town, living very different lives. Of course, during that time Lucky was known as Fat Jack who loved the head cheerleader from afar. During senior prom time, he took a chance and asked out the shy beauty only to be shot down. Motivated by his mistakes, Jack turned his life around, got fit and returned to become the hunky Sheriff of his hometown. Lana married the captain of the football team right after high school and lived to regret it. Nearly a decade later, she manages to escape her abusive marriage and returns home to lick her wounds and hide the baby she hopes her ex, James, never finds out about.

Damsel in distress, meet knight in shining armor. Lana finds herself majorly attracted to the Sheriff in town but doesn't make the connection between the awkward boy and the man of today. Once she does, despite all her fears of men and love, she agrees to give him a chance. In return, Lucky agrees to pose as her new husband to give her unborn child the safety from its father that she desperately desires. Funny thing about pretending to be in love with Mr. Right Now, sometimes he turns out to be Mr. Right.

Ms Taylor's story may seem predictable in its premise. Despite that, she manages to write with real finesse and her characters are absolutely believable. Sappy isn't a dirty word to a true romantic and this story with its slow simmering sexuality makes for some true romance. Without a doubt worth the read, take the time to find out for yourself how lucky we all are when love conquers all!"

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