Thursday, September 22, 2011

Samantha Combs Explodes

Samantha Combs does it again with her next YA novel Ghostly. Release for merely hours and the five star reviews are pouring in. Astraea Press is proud to release Ghostly.


Reviews by Anne

" Ok y'all I just got finished reading Ghostly by Samantha Combs and I still stand by what I said months ago, I will own all of her books. This story is so sweet and heart warming, it brought tears to my eyes. Samantha has done a fabulous job of telling a story of friendship, love, devotion, and acceptance. Juice Zander and her friends have quite the eclectic group they are the "misfits" of their high school but clearly the only ones with open minds and large hearts. I love how the characters keep their composure even when faced with a paranormal twist, how the group of friends stood by one another no matter what was going on and how in the face of a blossoming romance friendship was still more important than being selfish. I enjoyed how this story told of coming of age, of realizing who you are even when your confused and that following your heart is always whats best for you and be honest. Honesty may hurt but it lets people know they can trust you no matter what. The characters are unique and diverse but get along none the less, they have good morals and strong wills and that makes this book perfect for teens and adults alike. Samantha did a famous job on this book and the end will bring a tear to your eye. 5 out of 5 stars for Ghostly by Samantha Combs."

Book Blurb

High school has never been effortless for social misfit Juice Zander and her sophomore year is proving to be no exception.  Having a new boy in homeroom actually pay attention to her might be a start to all that changing.  But there are some big issues brewing.  That fact that Shane Elliot has revealed himself to be a ghost isn’t her biggest problem.  Neither is the fact that he wants her to help him find a “host body” so he can be a real teenager again.  It’s not even that when she does find a possible donor for her supercute ghost, it’s another so-not-ugly guy who for some unprecedented reason likes her.  No, her real problem is that after years of platonic friendship, she discovers one of her best buddies has feelings for her, and she’s afraid those feelings might be mutual.
 Enlisting the help of her tight group of best friends, Juice sets out to 1) find the perfect host for her ghost, 2) figure out her surprising new relationship with her longtime friend and 3) maybe discover she’s not such a social misfit after all.

Purchase Ghostly for only $3.99 here and find out for yourself. Don't forget to share and review.

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  1. LOL, I thought you meant we'd be seeing piece of Sammie all over the AP floor. ;-D CONGRATS to Samantha for a great review!