Saturday, March 3, 2012

Recent Reviews

Journey To Her Dreams by Iris Blobel
4 1/2 Sunflowers from Reviews R Mine "I could not put it down."

A Body in the Attic by Lindsay Downs  
4 1/2 Sunflowers from Reviews R Mine "This is an exciting read and very refreshing."

Aegean Intrigue by Patricia Kiyono 
3 1/2 Stars from You Gotta Read "...original setting and fascinating characters."

 Hawthorne by Sarah Ballance 
4 1/2 from Tazzie Book Review "A beautiful story..."
5 Lips from Two Lips Reviews "...a well-crafted story that will amaze the reader and leave them gasping."

Sacred Ring by Leah Sanders 
3 Hearts from Sizzling Hot Reviews "...enjoyed the sweetness and the moral."

Deja Vu by Monique O'Connor James
Twin Mom 101 says  "The storyline was brilliant and I just fell in love with it all."
Life On the Edge by Jennifer Comeaux 
Tifferz Book Review says "I am still thinking about this story several days later." 
4 Stars from Reading, Eating and Dreaming "...inspiring."
Royal Opposites by Lori Crawford 
4 Stars from You Gotta Read "The story is funny, sweet, romantic and the suspense is too die for."
 The Painted Lady by Felicia Rogers 
Clu's All Night Preview says "I loved it."

 The Togetherness Routine by Margaret Pearce
3 1/2 Stars from Night Owl Romance "...very true to life description.."

 Maya's Vacation by Becca Gomez Farrell 
Romancing the Book Loved it

To Urn Her Love by Elaina Lee
3 Angels from Fallen Angels Reviews "...definitely a romance, but there is comedy as well."

Double Crossing by Meg Mims
Romancing The Book calls it Magnificent
WordWonk says "Enjoyable Suspense With Authentic Historical Detail."

Love Octagon by Felicia Rogers
4 Stars from The To Be Read Pile "...chick Lit that inspires, brings forth emotion, a little romance, and humor that’s sure to leave you rolling on the floor."

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4 1/2 Lips from Two Lips Reviews "...the perfect story."

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  1. That's awesome! I need to get busy and read some of these for myself.