Friday, June 1, 2012

Off the Wall - Some Oddities about Astraea Press Writers - Part Four

Iris Blobel
I still switch on the windscreen wipers instead of the blinker when in a huff … still after 15 years of driving on the “wrong” side :-)
(For those of you who have never driven overseas, the driver’s and passenger’s seats aren’t just swapped; the entire car is reversed.)

Elaine Cantrell
I can’t stand to touch smooth things like velvet, silk, or flour. They give me cold chills.
AP titles: A New Dream, The Table in the Window, The Sentence

Bri Clark
At 13 I got up on a pulpit in front of an entire congregation and told them exactly what I thought of how they treated my single mother. And how the real jezebel was the preacher’s wife who was sleeping with one of the deacons.

It was at that time I realized I might be a tad outspoken.
AP titles: The Familial Witch, Scent of a Witch, Glazier

Stephy Smith:
I love the feel of mud squishing between my toes.
AP titles: Rescuedfrom the River, Shawnee’s Creek, Sanders Cross, Lizzie and the Rebel, the Long Moon, Gentry’s Gallery of Angels, Swim the River

Cynthia Harris
I have never worn jeans — but wear sarees when off the farm.
AP titles: PerilousMoon

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