Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Off the Wall: Some Oddities about Astraea Press Writers - Part Three

Patricia Kiyono, contemporary romance and romantic suspense:
I always read the first third of a book, then skip to the last third, and then go back to read the middle third.
AP titles: The Legacy, Aegean Intrigue, The Christmas Phoenix

Lindsay Downs, canine mystery~adventure:
No matter where I go my first stop is always Starbucks. Even if it's out of the way.
AP titles: Emily Dahill, CID, part one; A Dog Gone Christmas; A Body in the Attic

Samantha Combs, YA paranormal romance:
When I turn up the television or radio, I can only stop at even numbers. Odd ones freak me out.
AP titles: Spellbound, Everspell, Ghostly

Kim Bowman, Regency and paranormal romance and interesting stuff:
I always base my heroes on my husband, and I always read (and write) the last chapter of a book first. ALWAYS!
AP titles: Wayward Soul, Ghosts in the Graveyard, A Lot Like a Lady

Bri Clark, paranormal romance:
I secretly enjoy attention.
(To which Kay Springsteen responds, “SECRETLY, Bri?”)
AP titles: Familial Witch, Scent of a Witch, Glazier

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