Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Three Truths and a Lie with Iris

*I LOVE MOVIES, especially action flicks, and without a doubt I have to say that James Bond movies are my all time favourites – of course Sean Connery was the best of all of them!

*When I was on a flight to Australia we had one last stop over in Adelaide. Sitting in the transit lounge I was sick, tired and emotional as I had left Germany for good, when I noticed the guys opposite me in the really awkward bright green/yellow jackets. Made my stomach roll even more. One of the guys came over and asked whether I was ok and offered me a drink. I gratefully denied. Finally arriving in Melbourne and in my husband-to-be’s arms, the guy came  past me and wished me all the best. My husband’s jaw dropped instantly explaining it was Paul Reiffel, a then famous cricket player.

*While living in London I got to shake hands with Princess Diana when she attended the Premier of “Silence of the Lambs”.

*A fortune teller had told me that I would end up living in a place where “everything is up-side-down”. J

Iris Blobel
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  1. Number 3. You never met or shook hands with Diana, Princess of Wales.

  2. I'm gonna go with the fortune teller. Nothing is upside-down here, although everything IS backwards...

  3. I'm gonna say #3, only because it was probably another movie lol.

  4. Hmm. I think you wanted us to go with # 4 (fortune teller), so I'm gonna jump up to # 1 as the fib. I'll be you really do like Bond films but the fib part is prob. which actor you most like in the role. After all, Geo. Lazenby was an Aussie.

  5. I think #2 is the lie, because there are a lot of details that could be swapped for fibs!

  6. I'm with Kelly -- I bet it wasn't such a scary movie!

  7. Number two is out since it had too many details. I'm going with number one - you probably HATE James Bond.

  8. I'm definately chatting too much with Jeff!

    *drum roll * !!!!!!

    It's in the detail .... Yes, it's #1 - LOOOOVE James Bond, but for me, the best Bond ever has been Pierce Brosnan by far ! :-)

    The cricket player story is true, Princess Diana and the fortune teller story - I honstly thought i had wasted my money on that one.

  9. Shazzam! I love winning stuff.
    So what's the prize? Licourice? Ha.