Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Release: Pursued - Kristin Vayden

Abby's life has come apart. With nothing left but the choice to blame God, or trust Him, she begins to sort through the fragmented parts of her life.

Through choosing to have faith, the shattered pieces of her heart begin to heal, and she is able to see the blessings that remain, two of them being her very young boys. What Abby learns is that God takes the ashes of our lives, and creates a deeper beauty than we ever expected. Abby heals from the rejection and betrayal in her former marriage, and chooses not to date.

She makes the decision to wait for God to bring someone into her life because it's not just about her, its about a father for her two boys. When Levi is introduced to Abby, she fully expects him to turn and run when he realizes she has two children and is divorced...but he doesn't.

Levi is nothing like she ever dreamed.

His strong faith and killer blue eyes shake all her doubts as he begins to try and win her heart. Abby learns about being pursued, about being sought after. the idea is so foreign after her whole ordeal with an adulterous marriage that it astounds her, and melts her last resistance towards Levi. But when her ex-husband finds out that she's happy, and he's not...he begins a plan hatched in vengeance to steal any joy she has gained. Will Levi continue to love her, love the boys caught in the middle, even when the evil intentions get far too personal?

Abby finds out first hand that God truly does write the most beautiful love stories...

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