Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Releases this week: ALL PETALS FALL by Sydney Reece and BRUISES OF THE HEART by J.J. Nite

All Petals Fall by Sydney Reece
Eighteen-year-old Addy Stowe is falling in love with high school senior Cole Bennett.  Their connection goes beyond attraction or even first love euphoria.  She has found her soul

Addy would be happy about her relationship with Cole, if she knew that it was going to last…if death wasn’t coming to claim her in a few short weeks.  Addy must make a
decision, one with irreversible consequences.  Will she submit to fate, or risk everything to stay on Earth, including her soul?

Astraea Press
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When Victoria’s long-time boyfriend breaks up with her she’s convinced that she will never be happy again. But after meeting the new student, Will Prescott, things start to look up. Victoria is happy again and even when a little voice tries to tell her that something isn’t quite right with her new relationship, she holds on even tighter. Before long even Victoria can’t deny that she needs to end her new relationship, but can she get out before something happens to change her forever? Or will she be lost?


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