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Jennifer Robins "Mirror Mirror"

Jennifer Robins 
"Mirror Mirror"


Britney never expected to meet up with a ghost living in an old mirror left in the house she’d moved into. Not only did he upset her by being there, but he also became very interested in her which led him to help her from a dreaded disease. His good deed is rewarded by the very thing that kept him from moving on. Britney finds her life turned around through the help of a lost spirit, Captain Leopold Archer and she can go on to fulfill her fondest wishes.

About the Author:

After spending many years in the business world, Jennifer Robins took up the pen and started to write about what she found to be the most interesting subjects, the paranormal-super-natural. Her family grown, she finds time now to pursue a career in writing.
She attended Tri-C College for business and went on to be successful in the real estate business in her home town, a small suburb of Cleveland.
She lives with her husband and her wonderful dogs and cats. Loves music, art, gardening and plays the piano, paints in oils and enjoys the company of her son’s and daughters and the families they now have. Every day brings a new idea, a new adventure in research and stories that take up her daily thoughts.

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Settling in a new place had Britney at her wits' end. With so much to take care of, she hadn't had a chance to really inspect the third floor attic which had piqued her curiosity during the showing.

Her reddish brown hair piled on top of her head held up by a claw let a few strands dangle to the side of her face. Her arms were filled with blankets for the beds upstairs, and she hastily blew it away. The strand of hair flew back away from her face.

Interest in some great looking antiques left stored in the attic by the previous owner lingered in her mind. She heard the previous owner, a sea captain, Leopold Archer had been accused of many things including witch-craft.

The captain left behind some special things like a great mirror in its wooden oval frame standing at attention in the attic. Britney wanted to take a better look, but first came the work of settling in.

From the moving truck, the drivers brought in the last of the boxes and piled them on top of the others in the living room of her new Victorian home.

Her husband, Angelo, who didn't believe in anything of the super natural or the so-called after-life helped her put things away. Britney had teased him with the idea of ghosts lurking in the house. After all, it was many years old so the possibilities of spirits were not so far-fetched to her.

Happy with the move because it meant larger living space in this grand old century house, Britney was ready to take charge of her new home. What was once the parlor, now called a den, would be a great office for work. Having to be at the accounting firm every day meant traveling several miles both ways five days a week and with the cost of gas going through the roof, she really liked the idea of moving her work to this new home. No more dressing up in uncomfortable clothes and those awful pantyhose she couldn't seem to get through a day without ruining. Make-up and high-heeled shoes would be gone from now on. Get up in the morning, put on a robe, get a cup of coffee, then relax during her work day without interruptions or people messing up her thoughts. Who said life can't be wonderful?


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