Monday, May 5, 2014

The Energy Crusades NEW RELEASE

After the Great Oil Wars destroyed the majority of civilization on earth, an alien race has colonized the planet creating a society whose only currency is energy. Humans must wear energy suits and are required to earn their energy daily, while also supporting the grids that fuel society. In addition, all children must join an Energy Crusade by the time they are 18. The higher the level of danger assigned to the Crusade, the higher the energy payout.
Kaia Robi has trained her entire life as an Athlete for the Reformation Republic. Her ability to generate energy for her grid has afforded her a life of privilege and celebrity, but has cost her personal friendships and freedoms. She is strictly monitored and sequestered, until she heads to the University to join an Energy Crusade. She is paired up with an old childhood friend, Ajax, but he is determined to ignore their former bond, making life at the University even more difficult.
As Kaia and her team begin to complete their missions, she and Ajax learn that they excel when training together. Despite increasing tension, they are able to form a united front while training. They will encounter virtual fighters, cave dwellers, and resisters, while competing against other teams to become an elite class.
When the Resistance attempts to kidnap her in the ruined city, Kaia must face the possibility that she is different, and not just because she's an accomplished Athlete. She's tried to deny her special capabilities, but now that there are people fighting over her, she must accept her fate and decide where her loyalties lie. Will Ajax stand by her side, or is he part of the plot to take her away from all she knows and loves?  

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