Tuesday, July 1, 2014

RELEASE DAY: Alysia S. Knight "Kare for me"



All Kaira Baker wants is a new life for her and her son.  What she gets is a vandalizing old lady, death threats, and an infuriating sheriff who is the father of her son’s new best friend.

Widower Sheriff Matthew Collins keeps accidently offending the new intriguing beauty in town, but with someone threatening her, he has to figure out how to get her to trust him enough to keep her alive.



I grew up in a small town in Wyoming loving the outdoors, sports, art, and reading Hardy Boys books. After reading them all at least a half dozen times, I started writing my own stories. 

Thirty years ago I married a wonderful, honorable man. I’m mother of five children and grandmother of five boys with another on the way. I love traveling.  Through my husband’s work and vacations, I have visited much of the United States, all over Eastern Europe, Canada, Mexico, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Australia, giving me many intriguing locations and experiences for my stories. 

I am a storyteller.  I write the classic hero story because I think there’s a need for more heroes, love, and adventure in our lives.  I’m not out to change the world with my writing; I’m just hoping to make your day a little better. 



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"What?" Kaira hit the turn signal, pulling into the parking lot in front of Body Kare, the massage therapy clinic she hoped to open in just two days. Kaira climbed out of her car fighting back tears at the sight of black grease smeared across the delicate white letters that she had carefully stenciled on the window.

She glanced at her watch and pushed her key into the lock. She hoped there was enough time to clean off the grime before she had to be at work at Josie's Boutique. Paper towels and cleaner wiped away the mess but did nothing to clean away the pain that the senseless vandalism did to her heart. Why did someone have to pick on her place? This was her and Jason's new start, their new life.


Chapter One

"Now, that's a nice display."

Matt turned his head in the direction his deputy indicated wondering why he bothered. Samson always had an eye out for the ladies, even though Hayes, Colorado was small enough, he recognized most everyone by sight, if not by name. The woman who moved around the display in the window of Josie's Boutique was totally unfamiliar to him. And Sam was right. She was a real nice display of womanhood. As the woman turned, the modest black skirt, which hung halfway down her calf, opened with a slit to her knee. Matt felt a wave of interest. Yes, Sam was definitely right, that was one beautiful display of woman.

"How about we stop and pay Josie a visit?" Sam suggested.

Matt was saved from making a decision by the radio. "Yeah, Ruth?"

"Matt, I have Mrs. Norman here all in a stew, demanding to see you."

"On my way, be there in about two minutes."

"Can't you make it quicker? That woman…" His dispatcher's words hung in the air of the sheriff's SUV.

Matt laughed along with Sam, each knowing well what Ruth meant. His mind crafted a picture of Mrs. Norman's short, rotund form and one of her common stern, disapproving looks. A minute later Matt pulled up in front of the Sheriff’s Station. After getting out, he took the three stairs in a single bound.

Shrill words rippled down the hall. "I want to know what he's going to do about this. We can't have the likes of that going on in our town. To think, they gave her a license."

Matt grimaced a second before pasting a smile on his face and stepping into the sheriff's office. "Mrs. Norman, how are you today? No more trouble with the Bensons' dog I hope?"

Claira Norman had been a huffing busybody since his youth. "How, indeed! Matthew Collins, I want to know what you're going to do about that illicit den of iniquity." The woman glared up at him with her hands on her hips in just the same look he had imagined a minute earlier, right down to her floral print dress.

Shifting back to the matter at hand, he frowned looking at Ruth, who was both his dispatcher and secretary. She just shrugged her shoulders, rolled her eyes and left the room.

"Den of iniquity? I'm afraid I don't know what you're referring to."

"That Massage Therapy Clinic." Derision rang heavy in the woman's tone as she drew out the words. "No matter what fancy name you call it. It is still a massage parlor, and we know what goes on in one of those places. You're supposed to be a good, upstanding member of the community, besides being sheriff. And you're also father of a young son. You should do something about it."

"Mrs. Norman, I'm afraid I still don't know what you're talking about."

"You're a man," she said, looking him up and down none too flatteringly. "You know what I'm talking about." When he made no comment, she charged on. "On the corner of First and Monroe, they're opening a massage parlor."

"Now Mrs. Norman, on the corner of First and Monroe is the Fitness Plaza. There is the health club, health food store, and the juice and bagel shop."

"You should know your town better, Matthew Collins, there is a massage parlor opening."


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