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A Tale of Tomahawks and Hoop Skirts

A Tale of Tomahawks and Hoop Skirts

It was 1587 – long before mail order brides and southern belles made their debut.

Six single English women joined a risky overseas colonial venture and sailed to the New World. With hearts full of fairy tale hopes and dreams, they sailed straight into pirates, mutiny, conspiracy, and ambushes.

Also awaiting their arrival were the tall dark lords of the forests – the First Americans.

What resulted was…

A resounding clash of cultures. An unforgettable era of tomahawk swinging warriors and the parasol-twirling debutantes who engaged them in a daring dance of courtship.

This is their story:

Book #1 – Breaking Ties
Book #2 – Trail of Crosses
Book 3# - Into the Main (coming soon!)

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Breaking Ties is currently on sale for 99 cents!

Happy reading!

Breaking Ties Excerpt:

"You want my help." 'Twas an accusation.


     His eyes darkened. "I save your life. I give gifts. I offer marriage." He closed the remaining distance between us, his eyes burning into mine.

     I stumbled back.

     "You give nothing in return," he snarled. "You only ask for more."

     "I would had I something to offer," I whispered. "But I have nothing. I am nothing."

     "Then what use are you to me?" He wheeled away.

     I sagged against the door, eyes stinging. I blinked rapidly and pressed a hand to my stomach. Nausea rolled at the thought of informing the others of my failure.

     Manteo circled the cabin like a hawk stalking its prey. 'Twas a fine room with ornately carved shelves lining one wall. Bunks were built into the next wall. A generous desk jutted from the third, overflowing with maps and navigational devices. I recognized the compass and hourglass but could not identify the other instruments. I jerked in surprise when Manteo swooped down upon me.

     "I know our location." His arms shot out and slapped the wall on either side of me, hemming me to the door. "I could swim ashore from here."

     "Then why do ye stay if ye can leave and save yourself?"

     "Governor White gave his word to deliver me home."

     "We are going to starve, Manteo. 'Tis only a matter of days now."

     "Nay. You alone starve. The others eat."

     "I have no appetite."

     "You act as one already dead."

     I straightened my back. "I accept what I cannot change."

     "And I change what I cannot accept." He shifted his weight to the wall, one arm propped over my head. He drew his fingertips down the side of my face in a feather-light caress.

     I closed my eyes against the rush of unbearable sweetness. He made me long for things forbidden.
* * *

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