Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Submitting to Astraea Press...First Hand Experience

Now I don't know what others thought about their submissions process but I expected it to be something like what I had experienced with the query process. A wicked witch like woman saying something like " Hehehe...I'll get your manuscript and all your hopes and dreams too and rip them to shreds depending on my caffeine intake at the time of reading."
That is so far from how it happened. Here is the summary of the process of my submission for Familial Witch and what I found out was happening on the other end.

  • Astraea Press was a new sweets publisher that was up and coming that I found through social media. After watching them for a few weeks I decided to submit my short story Familial Witch. 
  • Checked out the submissions requirements. I added 10,000K to it since they want 10-15k for short stories. 
  • Polished it up. Reread the submissions requirements. Followed them!
  • Then sent her in and prayed they would love it. 
 So apparently what happened on the receiving end was not a witch but a sweet southern belle much like myself who gave it to one of our readers.(I don't even know who the readers are. Its taboo to even mention them. Rumor is Steph has them chained up in the basement with our cover artist Elaina.) So the reader liked it, talked it over with Stephenie and they offered me a contract. It was so opposite to what I expected to experience. If you are considering submitting to Astraea Press please do so. We are very hands on. We communicate and support each other in all our endeavors before, during, and after publication.

So does anyone have any submissions or query stories good or bad they could share?

Thanks Ya'll



  1. Lovely! My first book publishing experience was sweet, too. Very nice people at WiDo Publishing--people just like me and you! You write a good story, you'll get a "good" response. Cheers!

  2. I have to admit, I was a little concerned when I saw the witch...

  3. I'm glad to hear you had such a wonderful experience! I have 4 short stories published, and two honorable mentions (24 hour weekly and Writer's of the Future) to my name. All of those experiences were wonderful, and the feedback I got from each has helped me become a better writer.

    I'm now in the final stages of completing my first YA novel. I've already had one agent respond to a teaser I put up a long time ago, but unfortunately she doesn't rep YA!

    I honestly don't think there are that many 'bad' editors out there. All my experiences have been good. :)

  4. Scared you for a minute there huh steph? LOL
    Thanks for sharing A.M. It's great that you have had such wonderful experiences.

  5. It was a fun question. ^^ lol, were you scared you were the witch Ms. Taylor?