Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Writer Wednesday: Seduced by Ebooks: A Love Affair

Being seduced by e-books
I have  always been excited by e-books and their possibilities.  I remember reading in high school about new technology (CDs) that would allow the complete works of Shakespeare to be put on one disk.  I thought this was fantastic.  I would no longer need shelves and shelves for my books.  I could keep them all on these tiny discs.
But reading on a computer screen wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Then the first e-readers came out. Better, but they were really expensive.  I never got to try one. 
Since then e-reader technology has advanced and become affordable and the practicality of e-books is becoming more apparent. When they first came out, I was fascinated by the idea that I wouldn’t have to decide which books to take on vacation and worry about what to do should I finish all of them.  With an e-book reader, I could take a thousand books. Problem solved. 

As I buy more e-books, I won’t need to bother my husband for more book shelves.  The ones he purchased last year are already double-stacked.  With an e-reader, I don’t need as much dust-collecting, storage space. 
I would have never discovered my favorite fact about e-books if it weren’t for my children—and never having more than five minutes at a time to read between changing diapers, filling water cups and rescuing a child from a precarious situation.  E-books keep your place when you set them down.  Your toddler won’t be able to unroll that extra ten feet of toilet paper while you scramble around for your bookmark.  Nor will they be able to steal you bookmark and leave you searching for it while they splash water from the dog bowl all over the kitchen floor. You can jump from your seat, save the day AND not lose your place in your book.
This might be the best innovation ever.
I have an iPod touch, what is your favorite ebook reader?

Joselyn Vaughn


  1. I am on my second Kindle. When my first bit the dust I was in serious mourning. I love, love, love my Kindle. I love books too but I love the fact that I can carry a thousand books around and read whatever I want whenever I want. Those who poo poo them don't know what they're missing.

  2. Jacie,

    I hear ya girlfriend. I have the kindle app for my iphone and the kindle itself. I'm Kindle all the way.

  3. Ive had my kindle for just over a week. and even though i still prefer my paper book. I do love my kindle and ereaders. as a blogger i get alot of books for review by authors and the send out pdf files for review so converting them n putting them on my kindle is so much easier than reading at the computer

  4. Even though I love my iPod, I am really tempted by the Kindles and Nooks. Maybe someday

    I don't think paper books will ever go away, but the convenience of ebooks is here to stay.