Friday, March 25, 2011

We Have Pie On Our Face...Interview with Steph Smith...Author of Lizzie and the Rebel

We at Astraea Press are a little behind and therefore have a little pie on our face. We suffered from technical difficulty last week and were not able to upload this post about our newest (as of last week) Lizzie and the Rebel. Please accept our apologies and welcome Stephy Smith to the house.


Orphaned at fifteen, Elizabeth George learned to protect herself and her ranch from ruffians trying to steal her part of the Rocky Mountains. Interrupted while tracking a mountain lion, she follows the smoke filled air to the half-frozen body of Frank Walling. Caring for the wounded confederate soldier, his demise stirred emotions Lizzie thought she was incapable of feeling.
Frank Walling fought for his beliefs during the Civil War. Wounded and half-frozen on the side of a mountain an angel appeared at his side. A new and difficult war of emotions boiled inside him. He determined he could not now, not ever—leave his angel unprotected on the mountain alone.


A random fact about your story. 
When you’ve lost everything, you appreciate what you do have more.

A random fact about you as an author.
 I’m too shy for my own good.

Favorite line in the story (can be funny, romantic, etc).
 We can do this theeasy way or the hard way. 

How did you get the idea for your book? 
 Watching a blizzard outside mywindow. Changed location to a mountain instead of the wide open prairie.

What are you currently working on? 
A contemporary western young adult,a historical, book 2 of possible series and editing six first drafts and
rewriting one novel. Everything else can wait;)

Is this your first published book?  
Vanilla or Chocolate? 

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up? 
 A happily married woman with fifteen kids. God knew what he was doing when he only
allowed me three sons.

What was the scariest moment of your life?  
When my middle son was hit by a mortar in Iraq.

How do you develop your plots and characters? 
Research area and time period.

Do you listen to music while writing? 
I don’t use anything, no music, no photos, just research the area I want my characters in and away we go on
an adventure.

Plotter or Pantser? Why?  
Pantster. Plots happen, characters talk :)

Tell us about your current release.
 Lizzie and the Rebel.
 Lizzie’s parents were killed when she was fifteen by a cruel evil trapper. She learned how
to protect herself and her land. Smoke on the mountain could only mean
one thing... the trappers were back to torment her and take what was
rightfully hers. At the scene of the smoke she found Frank Walling, a
half-frozen confederate soldier.
Frank Walling remembers opening his eyes to see the angel above him.
The angel sent from heaven taught him how to care for another after his
time at war. He was determined to protect Lizzie no matter what it took.
Even if if it meant giving her his heart.

Tell us the "story" of your book and how it came to be. 
Being in a blizzardwith my mother, no way out, no electricity only candle light gave me the
idea. My house is total electric, no heat, lights, water or telephone just like
in the 1800’s. What could make it worse? A sick  or wounded man trapped
here with me instead of mother.

Do you have a writing routine? 
Anytime I’m not cooking or cleaning for
mother I’m writing, researching or editing. In my spare time I read.

What inspires you? 
Stress. It’s stressful to be a mother to your mother.
Writing is my means of escape.

What are you working on right now?
 Possible part two of Rescued From the
River which is due out in May.

Tell us something about yourself that your readers might not expect.
 I hate shopping.

Favorite Muppet?
 My kids were into the Ninja Turtles, Karate Kid and wrestling so I missed out on the Muppet scene.

Favorite movie and why? 
 Dances with Wolves. I live in an area that resembles the 1800’s more than any other era so I feel closer to the
characters in the movie.

What are your goals for this year? 
To become a better writer and have fun with it.

Wow Stephy...we are excited to have you on the team. I can't wait to get my hands on Lizzie and the Rebel.


  1. I love learning about the authors of Astraea Press! Steph, you and I have a similar back story - I once wanted at least 15 kids and ended up with five. I figure I'll make it up in grandkids who can go home with their parents at the end of the day. I hear you about the son and the mortar. Hope he is okay now!

  2. Congrats on the release! I loved your comment about being a pantser (Pantster. Plots happen, characters talk :)

    So true! Best wishes on your release.

  3. Congratulations on your release. This is a really fun interview. I shudder at the thought of 15 kids. Three are running me in circles now.

  4. Thank you Kay. Yes my son is okay. I will never forget the feeling! lol

  5. Thanks Rebekah. When those characters talk, they all want to talk at the same time!

  6. Ninja Turtles rule. ^^

    Um...this is probably a stupid question, but is Frank Walling dead or alive during this story? It sounds like a romance but the words half-frozen, body, and demise kinda suggest dead. :-/