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Character Monday: Caroline Davis White Talks Art, Men and Money.

Interview with Caroline Davis White from “Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights”

1.      If you could live in another time, when would that be? I’d live during the time of the French Impressionists and I’d live in France. Of course Mike wouldn’t be there, but perhaps I’d marry Claude Monet or Jean Renoir. It would be so romantic to be married to a terrific painter like that where we could spend our days painting together. *sighs*, so romantic! But we would probably be poor. Can you live on love and paint fumes? *laughs*.
2.      If you could relive something in your life, what would it be? My days with my mom. I didn’t realize how tough life was for her. When my dad died, it was hard for me, but she never recovered and never loved another man again. I think they had a great romance and when he died, something in her died, too. Life got difficult then, we never had enough money and it ate away at her. I never gave her enough credit for keeping things together for us and putting me first all the time.

When I discovered the portfolio of my work she kept, I realized she did value my art, my talent. But she was lonely for my dad and trying her best for me, so afraid of making the wrong decisions. I don’t think I made it any easier on her and I regret that. If I could go back, I’d be more respectful of her situation and what she was going through…and maybe a little more obedient.
3.      Why did you go to all those expensive charity dinners? Because mom was husband hunting for me. At first it was fun to dress up and be among so many rich and fancy people. Although mom was a good sewer, I knew my dress was homemade, even if no one else did. I felt like a fraud most of the time. Though when I look back, I realize we weren’t the only ones husband hunting at those things. I did it for mom, because my marrying a rich man would give her peace of mind.
4.      What kind of men did you meet there? I met some doozies! There were many attractive men there, of course, and some took an interest in me. There were also poor men looking for rich wives. When I went out with one of those, my mom sniffed him out and insisted I stop dating him. He was nice but I knew once he found out I was as poor as he was, he would be gone anyway, so I didn’t mind. I did go out with some attractive men but often all they wanted was sex. They knew they would end up marrying a girl from their own social circle if they didn’t want to be disinherited by daddy. I found them predictable and fighting off their advances all the time was annoying.
5.      What made you pick Brad? Brad was the smartest man I met at those dinners. He wasn’t the best looking but he had confidence and he liked me. Of course he was just as interested in getting me to bed as the others, but he showed an honest respect for my art. He wanted to see my paintings and sketches. He is knowledgeable about art and was very supportive.

Since I wasn’t getting support in that area from my mother, I guess I latched on to his in a big way. He wanted to be someone in the world of art but didn’t have the talent himself. So he decided to make me a celebrity. It worked and it was amazing for me. I’m sorry my mom or dad didn’t live to see my shows at the tony galleries in New York City and the auctions where my paintings sold well and for a lot of money. They would have been proud. It was Brad’s interest in my art that made me overlook his faults.

6.      Do you regret marrying Brad? That’s hard to say. Yes, he made me miserable by cheating on me for two years, but he also made me famous. At first, I loved living in his big house with tons of household help, but at the same time, I felt the lack of love so keenly. I missed the genuine love of a husband for his wife and it wasn’t long before the house felt more like a prison than a luxury. I wondered what it would be like to live in a house like his with a man who truly loved me. I’ll never know. The first two years with Brad were okay. Although I never loved him like I love Mike, *blushes* we had a pleasant life together.
7.      Why did you fall for Mike? Mike and I go back a long way. I know who he is inside. He’s a great guy who had a short detour in his life. It wreaked havoc on him but he recovered. I think he’s better than ever. Besides, he’s always been so incredibly nice to me, taking care of me, sort of, in a non-obnoxious way, if you know what I mean. Besides, he’s a real hunk, great…uh, well, that’s enough on that topic. *blushes*
8.      What about him attracted you to him when you were younger? Mike, or Mickey as he was known then was everybody’s hero. He was the one who rescued all the little kids who got into trouble. When I was cornered by a poisonous snake, my friend, Karen ran and got Mickey. He sneaked up behind the snake and chopped its head off with a shovel. That part was pretty disgusting, but I was glad to see it dead. He was always doing things like that.

When I was 13 and he was a dreamy 18 years old, my teenage hormones went into overdrive and he was…*blushes*, well, enough on this topic. You should speak to Karen if you want more detail. She’s more comfortable talking about Mickey than I am.
9.      Were you ever in love before Mike? If so, with whom? I dated Hank Collier in college. In fact he was my first…*blushes* well, never mind. Let’s just say we dated for two years, my last two years of college and I fell for him big time. Tall, blond, good-looking and smart. Hank wanted to be a lawyer and got into Yale Law School. He wanted to keep seeing me, wanted me to wait for him to graduate, but my mom convinced me not to. It would have been three years and she felt even with a degree from Yale Law School, he wouldn’t be as much of a sure thing as Brad.

She was sick, very sick, which I didn’t know at the time. I felt it was important to her and I trusted her judgment. Maybe I was wrong. Hank met another woman, an undergrad at Yale while he was there and married her. They have three children now and seem very happy. He and his wife live in Connecticut, so I used to see him for lunch from time to time when I was married to Brad.

I called Hank when I wanted to divorce Brad and he handled everything for me. He was so sweet, he hated Brad and took very good care of me. Am I sorry I didn’t end up with him? I used to think so, when I was so unhappy those last two years with Brad. Now I realize if I ended up with him, I wouldn’t be here with Mike. In a funny way, it’s all worked out well for me and I’m happier than I thought I could ever be. Who would have thought so a couple of years ago?
10.  Did you have a big wedding to Brad? His mother insisted on doing everything. We got married in his church with a huge reception at his country club. It was a massive wedding with 300 people there, 95% of which were their friends and relatives.  They were generous and paid for everything, including my dress which they had custom made at Vera Wang. Mom made herself the most elegant dress and looked terrific. My wedding day made her happier than I had seen her since my dad died. She was relieved I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Or so she thought.

Her intentions were good, even if things didn’t work out so well. If she had sold that cabin and not left it to me in her will, with enough money to pay the maintenance on it for two years, then I would have been in trouble. That cabin saved my life, saved me from the worst decision I ever made…and brought Mike and me together.
So even though she was wrong about Brad, she gave me the cabin, opening the door for me to meet up with Mike again. I guess her love for me was guiding me after all. I know she would be so happy to see me where I am now…and so would dad. Mickey was like a son to them at The Birches. I miss them but have a wonderful life and so much to look forward toward to. I’m lucky, *smiles her dazzling smile*  I guess.

Wow Caroline thanks for visiting and sharing some much about your life. To find out more about Caroline and her creator Jean Joachim click here. 


  1. I didn't realize Sunny Days Moonlit Nights also had an artist as a main character!

  2. Nice interview, Caroline. I have a manuscript with a Caroline also.