Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Snippet: Vala: Heritage

Welcome to another installment of Summer Snippets. Let's see what we have for you to peek at today...

Six Sentences:

“And here I thought it was because I was devastatingly handsome.” He teased, and then trailed both of his hands down to her hips before taking a firm hold.
“No, that’s not why.”
“Are you saying I’m not handsome?” His lower lip pushed out slightly and outside of their blank gaze, he had somehow managed to give her wide and pathetic looking eyes.
Don’t pout at me. Please don’t, it’s irresistible.


Jewl Dite has always struggled with her heritage. Being the daughter of the goddess of love, she questions everything about the emotion. Which is a bummer because she's head over heels for Anj Willam, and thinks the feelings are mutual. It's hard to be sure though when she has magic that has been known to bewitch men into devoting themselves to her. Somehow they're able to strike a balance in their dysfunctional on-again, off-again relationship however.

This balance is disrupted however when a strange boy named Teague enters her life and brings along with him a group of demons. Demons who want to make a deal with her in exchange for the safety of everyone she loves.

Now to protect those she holds most dear, Jewl must rely on the magic she's been trying so desperately to avoid. But at what cost? Will the boy she loves accept this dark secret, or will she lose him forever?

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