Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Snippets: A Bright Particular Star

Welcome to another installment of Summer Snippets! Here's the book we are featuring today...

Six Sentences 

He had known from the first that this was different. She was different.
He admired and desired her, but there was infinitely more to the way he felt than that. He had tried to define it and still he found it
impossible to articulate everything she meant to him.

How could he explain why one woman—this woman—had ripped the heart from his chest, never to let it go?

All he knew was she was a beacon of beauty and kindness in a cruel, unforgiving world,
the irresistible light that now guided him out of the filthiest hellholes, the seediest gaming dens and endless tight corners.
She touched his soul and he loved her more than life itself.


What happens when a rebel meets a runaway?

He’s not looking for love...

Confirmed bachelor Theo Cavanagh is dashing and free-spirited. Not for him a career in the clergy, the military or politics - he’s more interested in wine and horses. But when Theo happens upon a pretty but thoroughly exasperating young fugitive, he soon finds himself caught up in her adventures, and in a passion that can’t be denied.

She has to search her heart...

Unconventional Sophie Devereux is more comfortable climbing trees than the social ladder. An audacious escape from scheming relatives is only the start of Sophie’s mission to achieve a long-held dream, but Sophie carries a secret that inspires hatred, envy and greed. She can’t outrun the danger that stalks her, or her powerful response to Theo which leaves Sophie shaken to the core and questioning her deepest, most enduring desire.

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