Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Snippets: A Body in the Attic

Today we continue with our summer Snippet Series. If you are looking for a good read this summer, Astraea Press has a lot to offer. Check out this fabulous book!

Six Sentences:

Everyone laughed, except Annabelle who didn’t understand the joke, as they remembered the last time they’d had Chinese and Dakota got into the lo mein noodles.
“Annabelle, it’s really very simple,” Emily started. “You know dogs, when given people food will take mouthfuls—well, Dakota didn’t. He ate the noodles like a child does spaghetti, sucking one strand at a time into his mouth. Several strands even slapped him on the muzzle, which startled him but didn’t deter him from partaking in the meal his way.”


A missing soldier. A break in. A former, now soldier, model tells of an aborted assault. A passageway hiding more than years of dust and cobwebs. Rooms where there are none. The reappearance of the mysterious ‘brown-haired man’. What, if anything, ties these random facts together.
With precision and dedication Emily and Dakota start to unravel some of the questions. Only when an FBI agent steps up do the facts start to merge into what appears to be a terrorist conspiracy.
A body found halfway across the country is the final clue in answering all of the question, but one.
Will Emily be able to save a life before it’s too late?

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