Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Favorite Christmas with Kristin Vayden

 My best Christmas Ever was the year 2007 and 2008.You'll see why.

 On December 21, 2007 I married my tall, dark and handsome hubby with the killer blue eyes.  He took me to a beautiful resort perched on a waterfall and we came home Christmas eve. Even now when I think of it, I get chills. It was so romantic and perfect.  I am so blessed. Little did I know that day would be special for another reason altogether.

 The snow was falling in white puffy flakes and the road was covered completely on December 21, 2008.  I awoke a little after midnight with back labor and was praying it was the real thing.  As I watched the snow fall I was thankful my midwife only lived a few blocks away. With the snow falling as rapidly as it was, I was afraid she'd have to wear snowshoes to my house rather than drive her car.  As morning approached, the air warmed and my midwife was able to drive to my house.  A few hours later, my beautiful daughter was born, on my one year wedding anniversary.

 We had a quiet Christmas home with our new little girl.

Lady Grace Hashiver has perfected the art of hiding behind a sarcastic whit when it comes to dealing with the rakish Ewan Emmett Duke of Greys, her childhood tormentor. Her whit protects her from betraying the attraction and desire she feels whenever she is around him.

Ewan Emmett, Duke of Greys is perfectly thrilled to torment Grace at every opportunity, until an old acquaintance begins an honest suit for Grace’s hand.  When Ewan begins to feel the pangs of jealousy causing him to question his reasons for his constant teasing of Grace, he discovers a depth of emotion he didn’t know he harbored towards the golden haired beauty.  Suddenly he is no longer the tease, but on the receiving end of the torment as he wonders if he‘s to late to fight for her love.


  1. How sweet it is!! A Christmas baby is the most fun. Mine was born the day after. Just makes us party heartier!! :-)

  2. Love a Christmas baby! I have one of my own. That you have one plus an anniversary...? Super cool. Gorgeous cover!

  3. Our second child, a daughter, was born on Dec. 23rd ... though she was not DUE until Dec. 31. My wife was hoping she'd be the first New Year's baby ... which our community celebrated with gifts & gift certificates.
    Back then, new mom's stayed in the hospital a bit longer and Denise (& baby) were still in hospital for Christmas. Then they got out but baby Julie had to go back in because of high bilirubin count (jaundice?).
    Anyway, it was a very diff. Christmas than we had imagined. But what a wonderful gift -- our daughter.

  4. My daughter was born on my wedding anniversary too!

  5. Sounds like a perfect christmas indeed!

  6. What a perfect Christmas memory