Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Three Truths and a Lie with JF Jenkins

What's there to say about me? I live in Minnesota, I read a lot of books, play a lot of games, and write any chance I get. I have a son, two fur babies, and a husband. My day job is serving coffee to all of the caffeine addicts.

My eyes are multiple colors.

My family heritage ties me back to at least two different classic literature authors, so writing is obviously in my blood!

I am the only person in my family who did not pursue a medical related job.

My husband and I had a chance meeting of fate when we were younger (12ish) by vacationing in the same location while our parents were at the same conference.


  1. I can't help but think the multiple colored eyes would be the falsehood.

  2. I think the fib is about the prevalence of medical jobs in your family. I focus on the word "Only" ...

  3. Much as I don't want to be a lemming... definitely #3.

  4. I'm going to have to say number 3 too! :)

  5. #4! Probably not at a conference, or else you met earlier than that. Cottage? School? Lots of possibilities.

  6. Here are the answers:

    1) True. One eye is blue, my other eye is half blue, half brown, with a speck of gold.

    2) True. One of my family farms was the setting of a famous American novel, and I'm married into the Hawthorne family line as well.

    3) True! My dad is a doctor, my other an RN, my sister is an RN who practices medical law, and it just continues on from there.

    4) This is the lie. While we both did go to medical conferences with our respective family members (hello free trip to Disney World!), we did not go to the one in question at the same time. It was once speculated that we had, but that was soon squashed once we compared timelines.

  7. Your family sounds like mine! We're all in either medicine or dentistry.

  8. Heh heh heh.... GOT IT RIGHT!! I expect my M&Ms in the mail soon. ;-D