Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Three Truths and a Lie with Myrna Parks

Like most writers of fiction, I can be quiet good at deception. For those who respond to my three truths and a lie, I promise to send you my favorite recipe for southern pecan pie. To the first person who guesses correctly, I will send you a package of fresh pecans processed by Kentucky Nut Corporation; a company owned and operated by a member of my church. I might even throw in a jar of their special chocolate-dipped pecans, which I warn you, can easily lead to an addiction.

When I was a child, I had two reoccurring dreams: I would someday swim the English Channel and that I could fly as free as a bird. You might possibly learn a great deal about a person by their dreams, their jobs and their hobbies. Happy Guessing!

  1. I once ran a successful catering service from my converted garage.
  2. One of my easiest jobs was delivering books on a bookmobile.
  3. I have enjoyed hang-gliding over the Atlantic Ocean.
  4. Skydiving is one of my favorite hobbies.  

Desperate to prove to her rich, patronizing relatives she can make a name for herself as a writer, Bethany Ashton returns to Sacramento with a manuscript nestled inside her briefcase and a tight-lipped smile of determination on her peach-tinted lips. Hoping to enlist the aid of successful writer and speaker, Adrian Adams, to publish her first novel, Beth attends an international writer’s conference where the author is scheduled to speak. However, when she discovers her registration isn’t valid and all the sessions are full, she impulsively fibs and tells the matron in charge that she is married to one of the seminar lecturers, the handsome man she sat next to on the plane. It gets her through security and into restricted areas.

Carter Phillips loves to laugh at the eccentricities of others. On his flight to California, when he encounters an aspiring young author who unwittingly pulls him into a make-believe marriage that offers all of the pitfalls of matrimony but none of the perks, Carter finds himself embroiled in a dilemma that is no laughing matter. Especially when he falls in love with his pretend wife.

 Two people bound together by a set of circumstances that produces more fabrications than a crooked politician on the trail to reelection, Truth and Circumstances is a humorous tale of a damsel determined to be distressed, and the handsome stranger who reluctantly, and repeatedly, comes to her rescue.


  1. Hmm. I think you'll stump us on these, because I suspect some of them are partly true / partly false.
    Okay, I believe # 1 & # 4.
    I think the skydiving is the most obvious to be a fib --- therefore, I assume it's true.
    Conclusion: I think there is part of a fib rolled up in # 2, about parasailing. My guess is that you've given us the wrong body of water.

    1. You left out #3, wasn't it at least worth a comment?

    2. did you change the order of the entries?
      or did I memorize them wrong?

  2. I'm guessing the second. I bet moving and delivering books was not always easy.

  3. I'll just put my chip on #1, since no one else chose it.

  4. Interesting comments. Not at all what I expected.

  5. I also go for #3 . If I knew what a bookmabile was I'd have gone for that. If it's what we call a mobile library in the UK then I imagine it would be a great,if not easy, job.

  6. A bookmobile is, as you say, a library on wheels. The first time I saw one, was on a hot summer day; it parked in front of my house when I was a little girl.

  7. I'm going to guess...para-sailing...I bet you never did it over the ocean! :)

  8. Good job, Lindsey, at last, I finally have a winner. Although I've always thought it would be fun, I have never been sky-diving.

    I have been para-sailing over the Atlantic, but only because I won the trip and could not stand to waste the ticket. Also, my sister said she would if I would...and you know how that goes.

    Driving a bookmobile was a dream job. Surprisingly easy to drive, I would park the vehicle in remote communities where customers were few and friendly, and then I could read to my hearts content.

    And yes, I have planned and prepared food inside my converted garage. I will post my treasured pecan pie recipe for everyone, and Lindsay, if you will send me your shipping address, I'll send your goodie box out ASAP. Happy holiday baking!

  9. So glad to hear you haven't been sky-diving. ;-) Hang-gliding is scary enough! Says the woman who had a panic attack while snorkeling...