Thursday, June 19, 2014

AP Author Spotlight: Jo Grafford

Jo Grafford
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Describe yourself in three words:
A word artist
Tell us a little about your latest release:
Blurb: A career woman ahead of her time, ROSE PAYNE'S world is shattered after a secret betrothal to the duke’s son costs her job in his father's household. Without a letter of recommendation, Rose becomes an easy target for recruiters to the Colonies and signs up for a risky overseas venture. She sails for the New World, vowing never again fall for a wealthy gentleman.
Returning from a diplomatic tour in London, CHIEF MANTEO is bewitched by the elusive, fiery-haired ship clerk who instantly sees him as a man instead of the savage he is so often labeled. Determined to overcome her distrust, he contrives a daring plan to win her heart – one he prays will protect her from a chilling conspiracy involving murder, blood money, and a betrayal of their fledgling colony so terrifying it can only be revealed in BREAKING TIES.
NOTE: BREAKING TIES is the previously untold rest of the story of the Lost Colonists of Roanoke Island. Based on real people and real events, the Lost Colony Series was inspired by century's old sailing journals, the original Roanoke venture ship manifest, years of research in church registries and other archives, and a trip to the island itself.
What is your earliest memory?
I was three years old, and my mother had just laid me down in my crib for a nap. When she tiptoed out and shut the door to the nursery, I was still wide awake. It was the first time I had experienced complete silence. I learned that silence is more than the absence of sound. It is profound and resonating, and (to this day) I believe that is when I first began to daydream.
What would you consider the greatest moment in your life?
There are too many to name them all. One of my favorites is that miracle-of-life moment when my first son was placed in my arms.
What’s the hardest thing in in life you’ve done?
Face my fear of heights. I refuse to let it stop me. I still fly, ski, and climb mountains.
What have you learned in life so far?
Live, love, worship, dream, laugh, dance, sing, and never give up on your goals.
Everyone’s favourite question: if you could invite five people for dinner, who would it be?
John Grisham, Nora Roberts, Mark Harmon, Johnny Galecki, Richard Castle
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    1. Thank you, Angela! Glad you could stop by. :-)

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    1. Thank you for stopping by to read my spotlight, Kathleen! Cheerio, Jo

  3. Word Artist --- love that description.
    Heights --- as I've gotten older, I'm more skeered.
    Supper date --- you take Mark Harmon and I'll dine with Abby whats-her-name

    1. Abby Sciuto!!!! LOVE HER and her awesome goth wardrobe. Thanks for stopping by, Jeff. :-)

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  5. Sounds like a wonderful story!! I bet it was fun doing the research. Your characters sound very interesting. Great interview!

    1. Thank you, Lacey! The research was (and continues to be) completely fascinating.