Thursday, June 12, 2014

AP Author Spotlight: Kathy Bosman

Kathy Bosman

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Describe yourself in three words:
Sensitive, creative and tenacious.
Tell us a little about your latest release:
Three Tiers for Win is a story of adventure, romance, and family passion that unfolds with the backdrop of the 2012 London Olympics. Elaine said she would never date an athlete as they’re too driven. That’s until she meets kind, yet intensely focused and ambitious South African Olympic swimmer, Winston Harper. He stands for everything she’d chosen not to go for. Win also has a bad family history which keeps him from opening his heart to her. When intense attraction and affection breaks through some of their barriers, family secrets and conflicts pull them apart again. Only Elaine’s support and Win’s brokenness can draw them back together, but will that be strong enough to wipe away the past?
The book was inspired by the London Olympics when one of South Africa's swimmers, Chad le Clos, won a gold medal and the news about a famous cyclist taking steroids.
What is your earliest memory?
I can't remember too far back. One memory that I will always cherish is from my mother who died when I was six. She loved fairies and would often talk to me about them. One day, she told me to climb up my favourite tree in the garden and look for a surprise there. I climbed up and found a little doll with a beautiful fairy outfit which she had sewn herself. I will never forget how special that moment was.
What would you consider the greatest moment in your life?
There are too many to count. Maybe some moments in prayer or with my husband or kids.
What’s the hardest thing in in life you’ve done?
Giving birth to three children, two of them in Zambia, a third-world country with little medical and other facilities. Also travelling with a newborn across three African countries, remote places, too.
What have you learned in life so far?
Wow, lots and lots. I think one of the biggest things I've learned is that God's love is unconditional and we don't have to do things to be loved and kept safe. His salvation is unconditional - not just when we turn to him but for the rest of our lives.
I've learned not to be a people pleaser although I think I still let it get to me at times, but I have learned the valuable lesson of saying no and putting my family first.
Everyone’s favourite question: if you could invite five people for dinner, who would it be?
Jesus Christ
My late mother
My late grandparents
The apostle Paul
A long-lost friend from school

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