Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Town in Three Photos - Mackinac Island

 by Krysten Lindsay Hager
I grew up in Michigan and one of my favorite places to visit in the summer has always been Mackinac Island. It’s located between Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsulas and is pronounced “mack-in-awe.” The island is known for its beautiful views, historic architecture, and, oh yeah, the fudge. Mackinac Island fudge is famous (and delicious) and tourists are often referred to as, “fudgies.”
To get to the island you take a ferry.

There are no cars on the island. To get around you either take a horse drawn carriage, a bicycle, or walk.
There are lots to do when you get on the island. There are outdoor activities like horseback riding, hiking, sailing, and other water sports, as well as art, shopping, and more to do once you get there. Or you can just relax and take the beautiful views in.

The movie, Somewhere in Time, was filmed mostly on the island, which is very fitting because once you step off the ferry, it does feel like you’ve gone back in time a bit.
Thanks for letting me share one of my vacation getaway places with you.


  1. I know some ladies here in Somerset who have lived in Michigan and both spoke highly of MacKinac Island. --- and tried to coach me on the correct pronounciation!
    Also my friend Duffy Brown has a new series which is set on that island.

    1. I will have to check out that series! The island is gorgeous and if you ever get a chance to try the fudge--do it!