Tuesday, November 4, 2014

RELEASE DAY: Joselyn Vaughn "In For a Pound"


Joshua Pounds speeds to Pine Bottom to take care of his ailing dad, expecting to spend his time bouncing between doctors’ appointments and cancer treatments. His first task, however, requires a canoe paddle and helping his father’s friend win the honeymoon of her dreams. Nor does he count on falling in love with an engaged woman.

Sidney Walker had her life all planned: the wedding, the honeymoon, and the dependable husband --until her fiancé crushes her dreams by putting riches above their relationship.

As her engagement crumbles, her heartbreak rocks his confirmed bachelor status. He picks up the pieces, but the challenge threatens both of their ideas about love.

Will Joshua’s resolve to keep his heart untouched break Sidney’s?




I am a stay at home mom who has walked on the dark side of potty training. When not traversing that valley of shadow, I write, run, and sew. Sometimes with successful results. For more, check out my blog at Http://joselynvaughn.com



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Chapter One

Where was Colin?

Sidney Walker snapped her life jacket and double-checked the paddles in her canoe. The race would start any minute, and her partner was missing in action.

She’d left her phone with her gear bag away from the lake’s edge, but she debated whether she had enough time to retrieve it.

Around her, other teams lined up their canoes and stowed their gear. She snatched Colin’s life vest from the rear of the canoe and unhooked the buckles, readying it for him to slip on as soon as he appeared on the beach.

Missy, the woman who made an art of getting under Sidney’s skin, sauntered past. “Aren’t you missing someone?” she tossed toward Sidney, a smirk contorting her mouth.

“Colin will be here any minute,” Sidney gritted, refusing to let Missy rattle her. She twitched the rope handle on the canoe as if she had all the time in the world. Revenge would be best served on the lake.

Missy snorted as she sashayed down the beach to her own canoe. “Good luck.”

Half of Pine Bottom had hauled lawn chairs to the edge of the beach to watch the race. Colin probably couldn’t find a parking spot. A band played on the far side of the park, but the referee’s bullhorn drowned out their song with preparation announcements. Several boats rolled on the waves outside the swimming area as they prepared to monitor the competition.

She’d already placed Colin’s paddle along the canoe bottom with his handle away from his seat, ready for him to grab after pushing off from the beach.

“The race will start in five minutes, ladies and gentlemen!” the announcer bellowed through a staticky bullhorn.

Sidney gasped, “Crap!” She jammed her fists on her hips and scrutinized the crowd. He had to stumble onto the beach any minute. Colin’s white safari hat should be easily visible among the spectators.

Excitement buzzed around her as her anxiety level rose. She ventured a few steps up the beach toward the sidewalk. Where was Colin? It wasn’t like him to be late. He knew they needed the prize money from this series of races to pay for their wedding and honeymoon. If he didn’t arrive soon, he wouldn’t get into his race rhythm, and Missy and her brother, Zach, would beat them with their paddles dragging behind their boat.

Could he have been in a car accident on the way here? They were close enough to the hospital that she’d have heard the sirens if that were the case. She rubbed her forehead, but would they have been audible above the ruckus here? She’d better check her phone.

She clicked and re-clicked her vest, then raised her hand to her eyes to scan the milling spectators again. Nope, she had to check her phone.

Sidney dashed up the beach to her rucksack. If Colin were in trouble, she needed to know. As important as the race was to her, his safety out-weighed it. She untangled her phone from the twist of socks and swimsuits and unlocked the display, hoping to see anything but the normal home screen. There wouldn’t be a text message. Colin refused to pay extra for a texting plan. She admired Colin’s practicality, but at times it was annoyingly inconvenient.

The picture of her and Colin hugging after their last victory filled the tiny screen. A flicker of happiness cheered her. She supposed the matching life vests were a bit dorky, but they were on special at the sporting goods store. She and Colin were so close to realizing her dream — if he would just show up.

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