Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Three Truth's and a Lie with Kelly MArtin

~Kelly Martin is a writer, blogger, mommy, teacher, wife, and sleep deprived lady (not necessarily in that order). She writes Young Adult/Christian fiction. Her first book, CROSSING THE DEEP, is available now. Her second book, SAINT SLOAN, is coming late winter 2013. For more information on her, please visit her blog at or follow her on twitter: @martieKay.

Now for the fun. See if YOU can guess Kelly's little lie :)

*I was sixteen years old when I saw my first movie in a theater.

*I have a tiny blue scar on my forehead.

*My favorite movie is Toy Story.

*I've only had one wreck in my life. The participants in that wreck (excluding me) were named: Mary, Joseph, John, and Jesus.


  1. I'm going with #3... :-)

  2. I'm saying three as well since it seems the most simple, therefore the most likely to be made up

  3. I dare and say number one !!!! Really - 16 ?

  4. I guess I spill now. 2/3 of you were right. I absolutely don't like Toy Story. You know when that claw comes down and the little alien people get so excited? "The claw! The claw!" But it's really Sid...


    There *might* be a reason there is a Sid in CROSSING THE DEEP ;)

  5. Ack, I would have guessed incorrectly. :-)

  6. My only reason for choosing was #3 started with "My" instead of "I". :-)