Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What's New?

Can you find true love in a kiss?  How about a dozen?

Lucy Duckworth is comfortable with her life and in her own skin, and her habit of picking up orphaned cats is noble.  Yet when her roommate asks her to fill in at a kissing booth during the Winter Carnival, Lucy’s even-keeled existence suddenly tilts.

Matthew Kincaide has one simple motto:  live off the land, keep your head down, don’t talk a whole lot and never trust a woman.  Divorced and not about to give a female control over him again, all he wants is to deliver his animals for the petting zoo and go home.  Too bad his annoying brother coaxes him into buying tickets for the kissing booth.

Lucy’s and Matthew’s first kiss ends with a violent sneeze, but she can’t forget that first lip-tingling, take-me-away moment.  Though Matthew’s shocked by his first reaction, he lines up for a second chance.  Surely lightning can’t strike twice.  Will winter fun and a random accident derail their quest to find out how many kisses it takes to fall in love?

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