Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Three Truths and a Lie with Lindsay Downs

Astraea Press author Lindsay Downs is joining us this week for another version of Three Truths :) Lindsay has several books out with AP including Emily Dahill, CID and A Body in the Attic. Now, take a gander and see if YOU can guess the lie :)

I love chocolate 
I refuse to dye my hair
I love country music.
I’m happiest when alone.



  1. I'm gonna guess that the lie is that you refuse to dye your hair. That reminds me.. I need to dye mine.

  2. I'm going to pick #3 - you don't really like country music

  3. #1. I don't like chocolate. Then again I don't write romance either

  4. hey, how'd I miss this one? I was here LAST Wed.