Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Three Truths and a Lie with Kim Bowman

Kim Bowman lives in Indiana, where she was born and raised. For the past thirteen years, she has been married to her best friend, Tony. She has four wonderful, awesome children. Three she was lucky enough to inherit from her husband and one she was given by the grace of God. They live on a small farm with two of their four kids, five horses, and Lex the lovable pit bull. Although she has notebooks full of songs, poems, and short stories she has composed, it wasn’t until she started doing technical writing for her job that she really got the bug and decided to take her English professor’s advice and write novels for a living. 

Let's see if you can guess Kim's big fat fib :)

When we were kids, my sister and I set our bed on fire smoking cigarettes, nearly burning the house down.

I once had a groundhog chew my wiring harness to shreds and build a nest on my engine in my car.

When we were kids, I kicked my sister in the mouth, knocking out her four front teeth.

I used to give horseback riding lessons to pro-basketball player Calbert Cheaney.


  1. Number three - your sister's teeth didn't actually fall out...

  2. Number one. I think you would have taken the cigarettes outside so your parents didn't smell the smoke! You're smart like that!

  3. I think the most obvious lie is # 4, the basketball player ... therefore I'm going to guess # 1 smoking in bed

  4. I'm guessing #2 because I don't think ground hogs make nests.

  5. I think all of them are lies lol but really I'll go with #4: I used to give horseback riding lessons to pro-basketball player Calbert Cheaney.

  6. his was soooo much fun! Loved the guesses. Thank you all for participating. Now for the reveal. Kudos to Tracy Kraus for being the only person to guess correctly. I did not kick my sister’s teeth out. BUT! My sister did kick my teeth out. As in I was spitting pieces of them into my mom’s hand. The roots had to be surgically removed for my permanent teeth, but the teeth themselves were gone. (I sooo need to post a side-by-side picture of me at 4 with no teeth up top since my kidlet is missing his front teeth). I did give Calbert Cheaney horseback riding lessons back in the day. He is one of the sweetest people and a very good horseman. And, groundhogs do indeed build nests. Or at least one did…and it was on my car engine! That smell took forever to get rid of! And…my sister and I smoked IN the house because otherwise the nosy neighbors would have told on us!