Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Three Truths and a Lie with Sherry Gloag

Sherry Gloag lives in the beautiful English region of East Anglia, England, next to an old Roman track that runs from the coast to mid-Norfolk.  Apart from writing contemporary sweet romances she has recently tried her hand at writing Regencies.  Astraea Press is releasing her latest, Vidal’s Honor, on November 1st, which is one of the Twelve Dukes of Christmas series.  When she is not writing, Sherry enjoys creative crystal craft work.

Can you guess her little fib?

Although I am a Scot, I was born in England then spent my childhood in Scotland.

From the age of ten I went to school in England.

I aced English grammar in school.

I climbed a 60 foot copper beach tree when I was eight, and when my mother came looking for me stood up right and the top and waved to her.


  1. This is a tough one! I'm going to say that you didn't ace English in Grammar school...just because you would expect a writer to ace I'm going to say that's your fib! :)

  2. I thought number three was the fib. It seems too ironic.

  3. I'm going with number three as well. (Didn't ace English grammar) she probably wanted to extend her 'R's or something... or pronounce all the silent 'gh' with a gutteral sound. (Just kidding sherry!)