Friday, February 12, 2016

Elementals, Young Adult and Growing Up.

Do you ever stand outside on a blowy day enjoying the feeling of the wind on your face? I do. I love the wind, well maybe not the gale forces we’ve had recently, my son actually had to grab onto me whilst we were out yesterday so we could progress down the road, but wind in general I love. The sea breeze that cools you down on a hot day, the strong gusts that assault you as your turn your face towards them, the wind that whips your hair around your face, although the aforementioned hair doesn’t like being brushed of its knots afterwards. Why am I rambling on about this you ask? I’ll get to the point. I had an idea for a story about a witch that could control the weather however, just after I had the idea, I read Beautiful Creatures. Oh dear, my idea was taken. So going back to my love of the wind I decided to make my character an elemental. What better way to enjoy it than by being an air elemental who could control it? My Young adult book Janalya was born. Why young adult? I wanted to combine my love of the elements and shape shifters into a fantasy book that could be read by anyone. No swearing, graphic sex or violent scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I know teenagers swear (I have two of my own) but that doesn’t mean that I want them reading it in a book and for it to be normalised, and for that reason you will never see my characters with a gun – now a bow and arrow, a sword, and a dagger may be a different matter. I also write for teenagers because, as well as having the previously mentioned role models at home, I still remember what it was like as a teenager. I don’t think I’ve grown up that much. My kids, especially my son, will tell you I haven’t grown up at all and have the age maturity of a four-year-old (on a good day). Harsh, but probably true. So I will continue to indulge in my love of fantasy, exploring the world of shape shifters, elementals, and whatever other mythical creature present themselves, and once you’ve read Janalya maybe you’ll forgive me for not growing up, or perhaps I’ll corrupt you and you’ll fall in love with my world too.



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