Thursday, February 25, 2016

Excerpt from Fearless of the Fall

“It was another good day today,” I stated. 
            “Days like these you have to store up in your memory.  You pull them out on dark days when all seems hopeless,” he forewarned. 
            I mulled this over in my head for a little bit.  After the dark days I had fairly recently been through, it was a blessing to live some good days.  Jesse was right.  I need to store up this day and last night for that matter.  Hopefully even tomorrow. “Sometimes Jesse, you seem too mature to be hanging around us.”  I teased. 
            “Don’t do that.  Don’t put yourself down, or even compare yourself to anyone.  We are all equal here.  I’m not better than anyone, and believe me, I know that,” Jesse chastised while stopping to make his point. 
            “Jesse, I was joking.”
            “Abs, I know you. You are always putting yourself down.  Stop it.  As I told you earlier, you are amazing,” he reiterated, giving my shoulders a shake. 
We made it to the track.  It looked so peaceful.  I had to stop to take it in.  It wasn’t a breathtaking sight.  But for riders like us, it was a slice of heaven in the dark.  We headed over to the picnic table to sit and just be still.  Sitting quietly, we let the night fall in around us. An owl hooted from a nearby tree.  A wisp of a breeze lifted a few hairs on Jesse’s head. Leaves gently rustled below us on the ground.  I would miss the warmer weather.  I hated not riding through the winter. 
Jesse put his arm around me as we sat on top of the picnic table.  He planted a kiss on top of my head.  I smiled and let my head fall on his shoulder.
            “Thanks Jesse.”
            “For what?” he asked, pulling back to look in my face.
            “For this, for being my friend, and forgiving me,” I vocalized.
            “It’s easy Abs, with you everything seems easy,” he shared, pulling me closer to him.

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